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11 Questions People Ask About Packaging

Packaging is one of the number one consumables in the world. Every product needs multiple layers of packaging, combined with the number of businesses producing and distributing products, equals a growing need for packaging products.

With popularity comes a lot of questioning. We have summarized the top 11 questions that people ask about packaging and answer these questions below.

  • Are packing peanuts recyclable?
  • What is a microplastic?
  • How can companies protect products in transit?
  • When is it time to replace packaging equipment?
  • What is an omnichannel business?
  • How can barcodes help with warehouse management?
  • What are the FDA requirements for nutrition labels?
  • What do we need to know about single serve packaging?
  • How are drones being used in packaging?
  • What are the best ways to prevent packaging hazards?
  • How are businesses affected by DIM weight changes?

Are packing peanuts recyclable?

Packaging peanuts, also called popcorn, is a common protective packaging used for e-commerce. The good news is that it can be recycled. First, separate the packaging peanuts from the other contents. Check with your recycling center to see what type of color restrictions they have. You can also check with your local shipping store to see if they accept packaging peanuts for recycling.

What is a microplastic?

Sustainability is a hot topic around the world. One of the most discussed issues is the effect of plastic on our planet’s oceans. Microplastics are the specs of plastic that are present in the ocean. These are often indistinguishable because of their minute size. Learn more about common sustainability terms.

How can companies protect products in transit?

Products travel through many different routes before ending at their final destinations. Add to that the fact that the materials used to create the products have a separate journey involving transportation as well. Material damage is possible when products are in transit. It can be prevented through proper use of stretch wrap, accurate flute patterns, proper tape, and essential protective packaging. Learn more about the impact of stacking and loading patterns.

When is it time to replace packaging equipment?

At Hughes, we aim to provide equipment that will stand the test of time. However, business growth and other factors can cause a need for replacing packaging equipment. A few indicators include increased downtime, aging equipment, reduction in speed, and production changes. Contact a Hughes packaging consultant to learn more about replacing packaging equipment.

What is an omnichannel business?

The omnichannel business model is helping businesses of all sizes distribute their products more efficiently. In this model, businesses use their local retail centers as e-commerce processing centers. At Hughes, we offer fully equipped packaging stations to help make the omnichannel packaging process quick and easy.

How can barcodes help with warehouse management?

No matter what size business you have, if you are sending products to your customers (B2B or B2C) having barcodes on your packaging is a must. To create an effective barcode system, it is essential to have the right labels and the right equipment. Having a barcode system will help to reduce errors and maximize organization. Also, technology advancements have made this type of integration automated and affordable for all businesses.

What are the FDA requirements for nutrition labels?

Nutrition labels must have certain elements to meet FDA requirements. While this can be cumbersome, it is essential for ensuring the safety of your customers (and potential customers). Compliance concerns are also readily changing. Some areas to focus on are nutrients required, serving size, sugar inclusion, and dual column labels.

What do we need to know about single serve packaging?

In our digital age, people have never been busier or more consumed by day-to-day obligations.  This and other environmental factors have caused in increase in the need for single-serving meals. The number one requirement for single serve meals is single serve packaging. Learn more about how to create convenience for your customers and considerations.

How are drones being used in packaging

Technology is impacting every area of packaging, and people are generally curious about what the future holds for the tech impacts in our daily routines. Hundreds of thousands of drones are currently registered with the FDA, and businesses are using this technology now too. Various companies are testing the limits of drone delivery for consumer goods, medical supplies, and food.

What are the best ways to prevent packaging hazards?

Hazards are bound to happen when shipping goods on a daily basis. It is our priority to help our customers learn ways to prevent hazards and keep their products and people safe. A few potential hazards that we help our customers avoid or manage include rough handling, vibration, compression, and atmospheric hazards.

How are businesses affected by DIM weight changes?

One area that businesses must continue to monitor is DIM weight restrictions. This can dramatically affect the costs that a business incurs for shipping. There are ways to reduce the impact that this has on your business. Continually review your packaging and shipping costs, consider hybrid shipping services, use customized box sizes, and use envelopes when possible.

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