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3 Packaging Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

3 Packaging Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

Packaging MistakesWe’re not pointing fingers, but if you’re making one of these 3 costly packaging mistakes, you could be driving customers away from your business instead of drawing them in. Take a careful look at these three common packaging mistakes below to ensure you set yourself up for a successful, streamlined packaging operation.

Three Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

1. Mismatched Messaging

No doubt you’ve worked hard to create a strong brand. If your packaging doesn’t match your branding, it will only confuse customers. Likewise, if your packaging looks too complicated or is too difficult to open, consumers will be turned off. Extend your brand’s messaging beyond the purchasing process; your packaging is a great way to do that.

Unboxing experiences matter. Strategically match your brand’s voice and messaging across every touch point, whether it be your website, business cards or packaging.

2. Functionality Failure

While sometimes you have to make due with a low budget, if customers can’t rely on your packages to keep products safe during transit, no amount of marketing will convince them to continue to buy again. While packaging should also be attractive, functionality and safety is a must. Your packaging should protect (and sell) your product.

Consider custom-sized corrugated boxes to fit your products perfectly for a reliable arrival and protected against hazards during transit. See our recent post, “Give Your Box Some Love in a Harsh World: Prevent Distribution and Packaging Hazards,” for more tips on improving production and shipping operations.

3. Excessive Packing Materials

Buying too many packing materials is not only damaging to your bottom line, potentially increasing shipping costs, but it will also send the message to your customers that you’re not concerned about the environment. It can be difficult to offer a 100% eco-friendly package for all products, but you can include eco-conscientious elements.

Avoid using excessive packaging materials, boxes that are too big and unnecessary void fill to save some green and go green at the same time. Want to become a green company and reduce packaging waste? Find out more on our recent blog, “3 Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Distribution Center.”

Enhance Your Shipping Operations with Hughes

The biggest mistake that your business could make is to ignore the mistakes. No one is perfect, and learning from slip ups (yours or someone else’s) can be a valuable lesson in order to be successful. Learn more about enhancing your shipping operations in, “5 Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Down Your Packaging Line,” for the ultimate prevention plan.

For more information on the Green consulting services Hughes Enterprises has to offer contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.