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3 Simple Steps to Sell Your Product Using Tray Forming Equipment

3 Simple Steps to Sell Your Product Using Tray Forming Equipment

Tray forming equipment When consumers haven’t tried your product, what makes them notice your display and pick up your product for the first time? Competition is fierce; standing out in big box stores has never been more important. And by standing out, we’re not necessarily referring to being the brightest, boldest package on the shelf. It’s about making your product display more attractive with strategic communication customized to your target audience. How? Utilize tray forming equipment to create shelf-ready packaging that bundles your products with a unified message.

1. Shelf-Ready Packaging

Which face of your pack is going to stand out first? Make sure that your key messages are prominent on the side that is going to be seen by customers to grab their attention and make them stop and take another look.
But, once your product’s been noticed, it’s still not in the shopping basket. So, how do you go from simply being noticed to being purchased?
It’s simple. Consumers need to feel a connection with the product they’re looking at on the shelf. Is the packaging intriguing enough for them to physically pick it up and take a closer look? Are the colors and key messages engaging?
The second step to sell your product to consumers is by conveying the right message.

2. Messaging

Your package has the power to attract new customers in addition to retain current ones. It has the power to reflect your brand’s voice and communicate new updates for your product. And finally, your package has the power to close a sale.
What is your message going to read? Consider the order of words you choose so that a consumer can, at a quick glance, pick up on what’s most important. Three key questions to on the packaging answer include: What is it? What is the brand? What’s inside?
Depending on how easily recognizable your product is and the strength of your brand will determine the priority and order those three questions should be displayed.

3. Space

We know you know that your product is the best out there. And, no doubt, you’re very passionate about it. You probably have a lot to say, but don’t overcrowd your package with text. It can be tempting to literally pack it with information, but that can end up being counter-productive. Too many words can leave your customers overstimulated, confused and frustrated.
You have options. Create a unique marketing message with beautiful print graphics right on the tray or showcase your product with clear shrink film. Keep it clean and simple with links to your website and social media accounts where they can find more information.

How Can Tray Forming Equipment Help?

What makes consumers pick up your product from the shelves? Is your packaging achieving the goals you have for selling your product in-store?
Tray forming equipment is one of the most versatile packaging machines available to help you with your in-store packaging and marketing goals. They integrate into any packaging line, no matter the industry or product. From baked goods and beverages to cosmetics and perfume to electrics and car parts, tray-forming systems are ideal for any operation.
At Hughes, we have the perfect solution for all your tray forming needs. The Combi BCF Beverage Carrier Former, for example, is specifically designed to form four pack and six pack chipboard carriers for the beverage and brewery business. And the Combi Horizontal tray former is best suited for high volume tray forming production needs.
Contact Hughes at 267-409-6100 to find out more and ask our packaging experts for some guidance about packaging and shipping solutions for your distribution center.