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3 Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Distribution Center

3 Ways To Create an Eco-Friendly Distribution Center

It’s no secret that creating an eco-friendly distribution center by using sustainable janitorial supplies is better for the air and environment. But going green goes way beyond green cleaning products. When warehouses explore new and innovative ways to optimize workflow, reduce waste and choose eco-friendly products, the benefits can be bottom-line friendly and environmentally friendly, too!

Did you also know that an eco-friendly distribution center is better for the health of employees as well as the overall success of a business!

Is Your Warehouse Ready to Go Green?

Insuring your warehouse is energy-efficient and eco-friendly means more than just turning lights off at the end of the night. Investing in improving the distribution center’s environment can be tied in with the push towards energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Inbound logistics provided some great tips about leaning out work processes; find out what you can do to help make your warehouse greener today!

1. Managing Inventory

Matching customer orders to warehouse stock and improving the timing of inbound and outbound shipments can reduce the volume of inventory a facility stores. Controlling inventory helps reduce the amount of equipment, racking, and shelving in the facility. In addition, you can reduce CO2 emissions by reducing waste through using less packaging materials thus promoting efficient transportation needs.

2. Controlling Materials Flow

Another important factor in making warehouses leaner is controlling the flow of materials through the facility. Warehouse structure may impose limits on setup choices. For example, keeping a large quantity of product in a small space creates high-density storage, which typically requires multiple touches.

3. Improving Materials Management Practices

Materials management and sourcing practices, rather than the methods used in the warehouse itself, often determine a facility’s success. As often as possible, find out how the customer wants parts delivered, then, work with suppliers to determine how to best package and label the parts, and how often and in what quantity they should deliver them.

Become an Eco-Friendly Distribution Center with an Integrated Packaging System

At Hughes, we strive to reduce environmental burden from the initial planning stages of a warehouse through the implementation and distribution process. One way to optimize the workflow of the packaging line and maximize your available space is through integrated packaging solutions. This not only results in a higher speed, efficiency and productivity within the production line, but also decreases the overall carbon footprint on our environment.

Eco-Friendly Shipping and Packaging Line Solutions

At Hughes Enterprises, we offer engineering excellence in designing and integrating shipping and packaging line solutions. Whether you are just beginning to automate, or are looking for a total turnkey packaging line, Hughes Enterprises has the in-house capability to lay out and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. Call us at 1-267-409-6100 to get more information on what sort of packaging equipment is right for your warehouse.