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5 Benefits of Water-Activated Tape (Gum Tape)

5 Benefits of Water-Activated Tape (Gum Tape)

What is Water Activated Tape?

The last thing you want to have is an unsalvageable relationship with a customer due to shipment failure. Before deciding which tape to use for securing your containers, there are multiple factors you must consider. For example, enhanced product protection means less damage. As the name implies, water-activated tape or GUM tape is a starch-based substance that becomes “gummed” after it makes contact with water.

Water-activated tape is ideal if you’re in need of a tamper-proof seal to protect your storage containers or boxes. In fact, shipment companies that take preventive measures by using supplies like water-activated tape are less likely to experience shipment mishaps.

How Does Hughes’s GUM Tape Compare to Standard Tape?

Hughes’s GUM tape has a reputation built on reducing costs associated with product replacement. Say goodbye to broken product pieces and lost parts. When compared to standard tape, water-activated tape was deemed the strongest and most reliable for making storage containers more secure. It has proven to be durable in most environment types, including:

  • environments with hot temperatures
  • environments with cold temperatures
  • environments containing moisture
  • environments containing lots of dust
  • environments that are dry

Hughes’s water-activated tape is easy to apply. One benefit of using this type of tape is that it forms a hard-to-break seal with the container immediately after it has been applied. It is unlike standard tape, which is pressure-sensitive and takes time to form a secure bond after being applied to a parcel.

Choosing the Best Tape for Your Shipment

Water-activated tape is specifically engineered to save you time and money. Its fast, hard-to-break adhesion ensures your packaging will remain intact. The flexibility that comes with water-activated tape is a sure way for you to seal containers and irregular surfaces of shapes and sizes.

If you are in the shipping business, you know the importance of proper packaging to ensure the safety of your products. However, many overlook the importance of selecting the right type of packaging tape. Using water-activated tape (or gum tape) is a cost-effective, tamper-evident, aggressive-adhesive sealing solution that can make a positive difference in the success of your company. Read on to learn the top five benefits of sealing your packages using water-activated tape from Hughes.

1. Bonds with the Package

Unlike pressure sensitive adhesives, such as masking tape, water-activated tape penetrates the surface of the carton or parcel, which bonds the tape into the surface. This creates a very tight seal, ensuring that your box will not come open while in transit. On the other hand, pressure sensitive tape only ‘sits’ on top of the box and does not bond to the surface. Though it can be a good sealing solution for certain cases, if you are looking for a very strong, tight, bonded seal, you should choose water-activated tape.

2. Withstands Harsh Conditions

If you have used pressure sensitive adhesives, you know that dust or extreme temperatures can affect the seal of the tape. However, water-activated tape is extremely durable and can withstand a wide range of environmental factors including dust, dirt, extreme cold, and extreme heat. This durability makes gum tape one of the most durable adhesive choices on the market.

3. Green Solution

Hughes is proud to offer over 70 eco friendly products as we work to keep our planet green. Water-activated tape is 100% recycled and reputable, making it an environmentally-friendly solution. Because water-activated tape is biodegradable, it does not contribute to pollution or waste. In addition, since it offers a strong seal, you will be using much less tape, which is an additional benefit of this eco-friendly tape (plus a bonus on savings!).

4. Cost-Effective

Looking to save money but still want the best packaging products? Water-activated tape is a great, cost-effective sealing solution for your business. Because gum tape creates such a strong seal, you only need to use one strip of tape. Your rolls of tape will last longer and you will have to buy less, allowing you to save money on packaging costs and boost your ROI.

5. Tamper-Evident

As mentioned, gum tape penetrates the surface of the carton, allowing the two to bond together. This seal can immediately show whether or not a shipment has been tampered with, allowing you to ship your products worry-free! You’ll save money and have less liability shipping boxes as you can be confident your packages cannot be tampered with.
Seal the Deal with Hughes
Hughes is proud to offer several different types of gum tape to best fit the needs of your company. For over 60 years, Hughes has provided top-notch packaging solutions and can help you select the best option for your shipping needs. Contact a Hughes Representative today to learn more.