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Moving Inventory the Right Way: 5 Key Warehouse Management System Tips

Moving Inventory the Right Way: 5 Key Warehouse Management System Tips

Warehouse Management SystemStruggling with ever-changing consumer demands? Feeling stuck in the middle of a never-ending circle of distribution center challenges? Combine these concerns with the fierce e-commerce competition where same-day shipping is now the norm, and it seems brands are being asked to make changes in their warehouse management system as quickly as new orders come in.
Most brands today are expected to not only deliver a product safely, but also deliver an experience –and do it quickly. It’s time to gain control of stock numbers and move inventory the right way. Take a look at these five warehouse management system tips and how businesses can benefit from a smoother operation.

Smooth Operator: 5 Warehouse Management System Tips

1. Housekeeping Rules

For some, this may be an obvious tip, but for others, it may be the root of all warehouse problems. Thankfully, sticking to housekeeping rules is a simple fix and one that can have a big impact. If pickers are spending needless hours trying to locate products, that’s time (and money wasted). You must establish a well-kept operation that organizes equipment and materials in a logical order.

2. Don’t Delay

Procrastination is the enemy of all warehouse operations. For example, when new materials arrive, they should be inspected and verified immediately. Damaged goods, they require notation on the spot. Start off with the fast receiving and you’ll get inventory out the door (and in customer’s hands) faster.

3. Barcodes to the Rescue

Whether you run a large or small warehouse operation, the amount of time spent picking orders can add up. Avoid the constant back-and-forth process as well as costly manual errors with the help of technology. The use of barcodes can maximize organization, improve warehouse inventory accuracy and help employees choose the right products at the right time.

4. Flexible Reorganization

The inventory and storage methods that work today may not work a year from now. To maintain the right product flow, it’s important to reevaluate operations periodically and reorganize space when supply and demands change.

5. Quality Control

Maintaining an efficient and safe environment is important to smooth operations (and your peace of mind). But often, companies implement an excessive level of checking which can result in a bottle-neck before packing. With the right systems in place, such as using barcodes, avoiding over-packing and utilizing DIM weight checking equipment, the products can speed along the packaging line and avoid the notorious bottleneck.

Efficient Warehouse Management System Benefits

Whether you’re a start-up or looking for a refresh, here are just a few of the benefits your business will experience by operating an effective warehouse management system:

  • Streamline distribution processes and effectively implement an efficient warehouse management system.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across all inventory.
  • Better manage products through all touch-points as orders are prepared for customer delivery.
  • Become organized to invoice quickly and improve ROI.
  • Improve order fulfillment processes and reduce order cycle times.
  • Integrate seamlessly with mobile technologies.

Customized Warehouse Management System Solutions

At Hughes, we don’t just offer products; our experts are here to offer results. Through our integrated shipping and packaging line solutions, our engineers will design a productive packaging line to help you maximize your available space, streamline your warehouse management system and move inventory quickly.
Boost efficiency and move inventory the right way in the face of changing customer demands and changing industry policies. Read more on our blog, “Improve Packaging Line Productivity with Integrated Packaging” and  contact Hughes Enterprises today.