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5 Packaging Considerations for Your Startup Business

5 Packaging Considerations for Your Startup Business

Starting a new business causes enough headaches and packaging doesn’t have to be one of them. Whether for e-commerce or for integrating a “ship-from-store” model, there are endless decisions to be made, items to be purchased, and papers to be signed. Here are five packaging considerations for your new business.

Should you automate?

It is not uncommon for distribution centers to lose time by manually packaging goods for transport. This is especially common in e-commerceClick here to talk to a Hughes packaging expert who will give you advice on opportunities to save money by switching to automation.
Question to ask: Am I losing time and money to manual processes that could be upgraded through automation? 

Consider your audience.

During the planning phases of a business, significant resources are dedicated to studying the purchasing patterns of the intended audience, and other audience preferences. Every audience has a unique set of needs when it comes to packaging. For example, people often struggle with opening everyday packaging; a Hughes packaging expert can introduce you to frustration-free packaging for people on the go.
Question to ask: What are the unique qualities about my audience that could cause a barrier or create an opportunity with my product packaging?

What’s the right fill?

There are endless options when it comes to void fill. Biodegradable alternatives to shipping peanuts include air, paper, and foam. Airbags are a versatile, lightweight protective packaging option. Paper is environmentally-friendly and great for products that are less freight sensitive. Our Instapak foam allows for on-site production of polyurethane foam packages and provides top-of-line protection for fragile goods.
Question to ask: How fragile is the product and does the product hold up with sustained vibration during transit?

Don’t overlook sustainability.

Sustainability is a hot topic in all industries right now. With so much attention on the longevity of our planet, it’s more important than ever for companies to pay attention to the products and resources they are using. From sourcing to on-site energy usage, your customers want to know that you have a plan for sustainability.
Question to ask: From where are the materials sourced and how can the end product be disposed?

Showcase your brand.

Often times a brand can lose its identity behind a standard brown box. Many luxury brands are utilizing the primary and secondary packaging used for their e-commerce goods as an opportunity to create a customized experience. To enhance the “unboxing” experience companies also use elements like thank you cards, branded boxes, and gifts.
Question to ask: How can I incorporate my branding the primary or secondary packaging?

How can Hughes help?

Preparing a packaging plan and selected the right products and machinery can be a daunting task for a start up. Contact a Hughes packaging expert today to learn more about the best packaging options for your products.
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