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6 Steps to Proper Packaging

6 Steps to Proper Packaging

Corrugated Boxes, Product Packaging SolutionsIt is common to wonder how to package a product, the correct steps and methods to your packaging process can go a long way. No matter what product you need to ship, you should be able to expect that your product will get to its destination just as it was shipped. To ensure product safety, there are several important steps any company should take when packaging. Follow these 6 steps to ensure your product is packaged perfectly, every time!

1. Organize

It may seem obvious, but organizing a distribution center’s packaging space can make a big difference. A workspace should be large enough to have room to move the package around, with all necessary packaging materials in reach.

Ideally, the area should have storage space or pegboards to keep a large variety of materials in the workspace, as different types and sizes of products will require different materials. You’ll be amazed by the production time that can be saved by keeping a fully-stocked and organized packaging space!

2. Measure

Before selecting the box you plan to ship your product in, it is a good idea to measure your product. Once your product is measured, add about 2 inches to each the width, the height, and the length to derive the ideal box size. This ensures that you will have room to wrap each product and fill your box with extra padding so your goods will be protected while in transit.

3. Select

Now that you have measured your product or products, it is time to select the right box. Hughes offers a wide selection of corrugated packaging that is perfect for any product or industry. Designed to be strong and durable, they are one of the most common and safest packaging material. Visit our package size chart to make sure you are ordering the correct sized box for your needs. If you are looking for a size or style box that we do not have listed, check out our numerous custom corrugated packaging offerings.

4. Protect

Now that you have selected your packaging, it’s time to protect your product. There are numerous types of protective packaging, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your company’s needs. If you are unsure if you should be using Bubble Wrap, Instapak Foam Packaging, an Air Bag Inflation System, or one of our numerous other options, feel free to contact a Hughes Representative. After all, it is better to be extra cautious than to have your product get damaged.

If you are shipping more than one product per box, make sure to wrap each product separately so that your merchandise does not clink against each other during shipping and damage each other. For fragile goods it is crucial that you use proper cushioning in your box so that products will be safely protected from any shocks, vibrations, or jolts.

5. Seal

Now that your product is properly protected and fitted into the proper size box, it is time to seal the box. Do not use cellophane or duct tape, as neither are strong enough to properly seal your box. Instead, look for proper packaging tapes or adhesives. Make sure you have a full seal on your product before you send it off for shipping. Apply 2-3 strips of tape where packaging overlaps, so you do not have to worry about the packaging opening during shipment. Hughes offers custom print Water Activated Tape (Gum Tape) or pressure sensitive tape which can also add to brand awareness.

6. Label

Though labeling is the last step, it is one of the most important steps. Double check the recipient’s address and place the label on the top of the box. See our recent blog post, “Adding Life to Your Products with Thermal Transfer Ribbons” for more information on labeling.

Choose Hughes for the Best Packaging Products

Now that you know how to properly package your products, it is equally important to choose the best products and equipment for packaging. With over 70 years of experience, we are prepared to assist you in picking out the right products for your packaging needs. Contact a Hughes Representative today to get started!