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Adding Life to Your Products with Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Adding Life to Your Products with Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Labels can be printed using many differing printing technologies. However, one of the most popular methods is called thermal transfer ribbon printing which uses roll-form labels and printing ribbons. Thermal transfer ribbons are perfect for harsh environment labeling applications where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat, and/or chemicals is imperative.

Thermal transfer ribbons are used in many different scenarios such as:

Compliance labeling – Mandated compliance labeling can be found in many different industries such as pharmaceutical labeling in healthcare, automotive suppliers, chemical manufacturers, etc. All of these compliance labeling mandates have one thing in common: failure to comply with the published requirements means costly fines and lost business.
Shipping and Receiving – Shipping operations are a crucial part of your business. Fast, efficient and accurate identification of incoming and outgoing materials decreases errors and increases productivity.
• Inventory management – Hughes is an expert resource for complete warehouse and inventory management solutions, providing everything you need to maximize your storage, handling and distribution processes through the use of barcode labeling for inventory solutions. Using these barcode labels will also help to track each item as they go through the manufacturing, assembly, repair or testing process.
Prescription and Document Printing – Streamline efficiencies and cut costs for printing prescriptions and pharmacy documents. Many pharmaceuticals companies change the colors of their thermal transfer ribbons every month so they can know the date of product by visually looking at the color of the print on the labels.

Adding Color Brings Endless Possibilities

Thermal printing technology can be used to produce color images by adhering a wax-based ink onto paper. Hughes offers a wide variety of thermal transfer ribbon colors to allow you to code different labels. Color thermal transfer ribbons add that distinctive quality to your labels; here are just a few:

• Color-coded Thermal Transfer Ribbons offer more flexibility to allow immediate changes or low-volume printing.
• Color-coded Thermal Transfer Ribbons make it easier to spot boxes for shipping; reducing delivery errors and improving customer service.
• Color-coded Thermal Transfer Ribbons speed up operation processes.
• Color-coded Thermal Transfer Ribbons simplify inventory; increasing productivity.

By taking time to learn about your customer’s business needs, you have the opportunity to identify areas in your operation where color can improve customer service and reduce costly errors. We offer a full line of general purpose wax, premium wax/resin, super premium resin, and specialty resin color thermal transfer ribbons to meet all your thermal transfer printing applications needs. Order, Buy Thermal Transfer Supplies from Hughes. For help with ordering thermal transfer products for your shipping and packaging operation contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.