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The Advantages of Automatic Carton Erectors and Sealers

The Advantages of Automatic Carton Erectors and Sealers

Combi 2 EZ XL Case ErectorWhen it comes to reducing costs while increasing your productivity and efficiency, you can’t beat a carton erector. Combined with carton sealers, these machines allow you to quickly and consistently form corrugated boxes and seal them after packing. They’re faster and more reliable than doing the job by hand, making them perfect for operations that need a large number of cartons erected at a time.

Carton erectors improve speed

Consider your packaging line and the employees on it. How much of the process is being done by hand? Even the fastest, most energized, freshest employee can only erect a certain number of cartons per minute. That’s why we offer a variety of carton erectors from high-quality brands like Combi, Wexxar, and Dekka, so you can augment your existing line with high-performance machines.

A semi-automatic carton erector can help

For manual packing lines, a semi-automatic carton erector will reduce the amount of labor required to form cartons to be packed. These machines are often much smaller than fully automatic models, taking up a modest footprint (and they’re often more affordable, too).

The semi-automatic carton erectors we offer at Hughes Enterprises, such as the Wexxar BEL 505 or the Wexxar BEL 505G3, provide a compact solution for forming, packing and sealing, with just one operator. They help low- and mid-volume operations increase case formation speed, easily tripling the number of cartons erected per minute (up to 15 cpm).

Carton erectors make your line more efficient

For larger volumes, a semi-automatic machine may not be enough. Fully automatic carton erectors improve efficiency while reducing labor costs.

A fully automatic carton erector can help

For maximum throughput, a high-speed, fully automatic carton erector is your best bet. These machines automate the entire box forming process, including folding flaps, and can handle a variety of cases (even extra-large ones, if you choose the Combi 2-EZ Fully Automatic Case Erector). Plus, auto carton erectors can’t be beat for durability — around-the-clock case forming is no problem for a fully automatic machine.
Our range of fully automatic carton erectors provide flexibility, speed, and quality, with a number of integrations and upgrade options available. Take full advantage of the possibilities we offer and imagine the speed you could gain — and costs you can trim — with an automatic carton erector.

Carton erectors integrate with other equipment

To truly get the most out of automating your packing line, integrate a carton erector with other equipment. Combining machines will speed up your line, because these machines are designed to be incorporated with other related machinery to create a fully automated process.

Using an automatic carton erector with a case sealer

Case sealers ensure safe loads by securely sealing cases. Available in semi-automatic or fully automatic case sealers (much like our carton erectors), this packaging equipment can add a little automation — or a lot!

Utilizing a case sealer improves speed and uniformity, saving both operations costs and labor costs. The same amount of tape or glue is used each time, with no waste and no runovers.

At Hughes Enterprises, we also offer machines with case sealing built right in, such as the Combi CE-10 Fully Automatic Case Erector with Bottom Sealer. This model erects and bottom-seals up to 720 cases an hour, so all that’s left is packing and top-sealing.

Using an automatic carton erector with a tray former

When your packaging requires corrugated trays, a tray former speeds up the process over forming trays by hand.

Depending on the tray former you select, you can simply load the tray blanks, adjust your settings, and let the machine precisely form, fold, glue, and transport trays to the next stop to be packed. Adjustable tray forming heads give you complete control, and it’s easy to change over to different tray sizes or styles when you need them.

Combining tray former equipment and carton erectors assures consistent, reliable packaging, for better loads and happier customers.

Request a quote from one of our packaging machine specialists to see the advantages a carton erector can have on your packing operations. Our team is happy to answer your questions and help you customize the exact right solution for your line.