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An Overview of the 2030 Sustainable Goals for Packaging Professionals

An Overview of the 2030 Sustainable Goals for Packaging Professionals

Packaging professionals ensure they meet consumer demand while minimizing their environmental impact. As businesses around the world continue to grow, so does the concern for the impact they have on the Earth and its resources. That is why organizations have come together to create the 2030 Sustainable Goals which stimulate action over the next 15 years for humanity and the planet including planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.

How Do the Goals Apply to Packaging Professionals?

Many of these goals have to do with achieving sustainability in certain systems and people in the packaging industry will play a huge part in many of them. They will be challenged to find ways to keep up with consumer demand and keep the impact on the environment low. Even the smallest packaging does not simply vanish when it is thrown away or even recycled. The goals that packaging professionals can affect directly are goals 3, 6, 8, 9, and 11- 15 (see below). Packaging and shipping is an industry full of innovation and discovery when it comes to packaging design, materials, and environmental impact. There has been so much growth in a positive and sustainable direction and that bodes well for the future.
Here is a list of the 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and a brief definition for each.

2030 Sustainable Development Goals – An Overview

1. No Poverty – wipe out poverty everywhere
2. Zero Hunger – end hunger, improve nutrition, promote sustainable farming, and achieve food security
3. Good Health – all ages will be in good health and well-being
4. Quality Education – everyone will have access to quality education, promote life-long learning
5. Gender Equality – empower women and girls of all ages, achieve gender equality
6. Clean Water and Sanitation – ensure access to clean water for everyone, promote sanitation
7. Renewable Energy – modern, reliable energy available for everyone
8. Good Jobs and Economic Growth – provide economic growth and sustainability everywhere, productive and decent work for all
9. Innovation and Infrastructure – build solid infrastructure, promote innovation and sustainable industrial practices
10. Reduced Inequalities – reduce inequality for everyone
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – create safe, sustainable places for everyone to live
12. Responsible Consumption – make sure consumption and production practices are sustainable
13. Climate Action – actively fight climate change and its global impacts
14. Life Below Water – conserve aquatic resources and use them sustainably
15. Life On Land – preserve, restore, and use land resources with sustainable practices
16. Peace and Justice – promote peaceful societies and provide justice for all
17. Partnerships for the Goals – work together to achieve goals and promote sustainability for all

A Sustainable Future is Within Our Grasp

Everyone on the planet must work as a team in order to achieve these goals. Some of them might seem a bit lofty, but with the right mind-set and commitment, they can be done. There are many ways we can all do our part to live a more sustainable life and continue to call this planet home for generations to come.
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