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Automatic Bagging Benefits

Automatic Bagging Benefits

Auto bagging systems are used to automatically insert and seal products inside a flexible material bag or pouch. By incorporating an auto bagging system into your packaging operations, your company can immediately start to experience benefits such as increased production, increased consistency, reduced workstations, reduced labor costs, greater accuracy and product safety.

And since everyone today looks for ways to maximize time and labor and reduce materials costs. The right automatic bagging packaging system, designed for you by Sharp Packaging Systems, Inc. can meet those objectives and more.

Automatic bagging systems can be installed in a variety of production environments and are used for packaging a wide range of different products, including general distribution, automotive parts, cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and more.

Hughes Enterprises, through our partnership with Sharp Packaging, offers innovative solutions for all your flexible packaging needs and are available in various sizes and capacity configurations to accommodate your company’s unique packaging requirements.

Sharp SX

The Sharp® SX™ is a portable, table-top full-featured semi-automatic bagger that loads, prints and seals. This machine offers quick set-up in a variety of bagging environments.

• Hawk
The most affordable, compact and simple vertical form, fill and seal machine available on the market. The Hawk can handle bag types such as gussetted, zipper and stand-up, made from a variety of materials.

• T7

The T7 packages shop towels, wipers, bar towels, mop heads, and more! The optional inline thermal printer prints text, graphics and bar codes directly onto the package. It can sort, grade and package rental and retail textiles on the same system, reducing labor requirements significantly.

Sharp Max

Our Sharp MAX™ is a versatile auto bagging system designed to meet speed, size, labor and flexibility requirements for your auto bagging operations. (insert video:
The ability to adjust the bag size to conform to different products will streamline your process line and create more effective packages. More advantages of auto bagging include:


Automating your company’s distribution center packaging system by implementing one of our auto bagging systems to bag your products will improve your warehouse and fulfillment operations. For example, one Sharp MAX™ on 1 shift, hand loaded, can produce 1.2 – 2mm bags per year

Product Needs

With auto bagging, individual parts can be secured easily within a product’s packaging and come in many different types of materials and in just about any size and color, including preprinted styles.


Auto bags are very cost effective for high volume packaging significantly reducing labor requirements. Significantly reduces labor requirements for sorting, folding, processing and banding soft goods.

Hughes has a bagging machine for any situation and we can help you determine which of our auto bagging equipment would work best in your packaging environment. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.