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Automatic Bagging Systems Help E-Commerce Streamline Packaging Demands Over the Holidays

Automatic Bagging Systems Help E-Commerce Streamline Packaging Demands Over the Holidays

Automatic Bagging SystemsThe holidays demand quite a bit of attention in the world of online shopping. Some research shows November and December drive 30% more e-commerce revenue than non-holiday months and that the days from Black Friday through Christmas pull in anywhere from 50-100% more revenue compared to shopping days throughout the rest of the year. As the season quickly approaches, many e-commerce businesses are looking for new ways to speed up e-commerce shipping solutions; one easy way to streamline processes is by using automatic bagging systems.

What are Automatic Bagging Systems?

Automatic bagging systems, such as the FlowWrap by Sealed Air or the Matrix Morpheus, are designed for the high-demand, high-volume e-commerce market. These powerful solutions create ready-to-ship, custom-sized polybag packages at high rates for a dependable solution for any business’ bag making needs.

Benefits of Automatic Bagging Systems

Fast, Flexible Protection- Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of customers, automatic bagging systems quickly bag, protect and deliver goods safely to customers.

Efficient- Automatic bagging systems allow your orders to move faster through packaging lines and integrates easily and elegantly into existing processes. Their smooth and fast operation increases capacity and reduces costs for a wide variety of online retailers.

Cost Effective- With automatic bagging systems, less time and manual labor is required to sort goods, apply labels, scan and pack. The only manual task required is to place products on the conveyor with a visible barcode. Your automated packaging systems will handle the rest.

Sustainable- Each package is automatically cut to the length and height of each order and sealed for a perfect fit. Because each package is formed, filled and sealed just right, freight costs are reduced and your carbon footprint is decreased.

The end result? A fully-scanned, labeled, validated package that’s ready for expedient shipment without an inch of wasted material or void space.

Who Should Use Automatic Bagging Systems?

The sky’s the limit in regards to which industries can benefit from using automatic bagging systems. At Hughes, our customers range from small, single machine operations to global companies with manufacturing locations across the world. Whether you’re shipping books, apparel, catalogs, photos, food, mobile phones or cosmetics, they can all be quickly labelled and sealed in a mailing bag ready for ship to your customer’s doorstep.

Automatic Bagging Systems by Hughes

In the short amount of time that customers click to buy and their packages arrive, your warehouse operational efficiency matters. At Hughes, we help businesses optimize packaging and shipping solutions that lower operating costs and improve customer experience.  If you’re looking for a high-speed system for customized and ready-to-ship packages, you’ll find it at Hughes.

Rest easy this busy holiday season knowing our 24/7 service technicians are available if need be. Just contact us at 267-409-6100.