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Automatic Void Fill is Just Better for Business

Automatic Void Fill is Just Better for Business

Protect Your Products!

According to market studies, one of the most important characteristics of product packaging for consumers is the protection and security of the item they ordered. As e-commerce continues to develop, the demands for security, productivity and profitability in packaging and shipping are higher than ever. Hughes stocks a large variety of protective packaging and void fill for all industry shipping and packaging operations including:

  • Air Bag Inflation System
  • Air Bag Protective Packaging
  • Instapak® Foam Packaging
  • Loose Fill Protective Packaging
  • PAPERplus® Paper Dunnage

Your packaging is the first thing your buyer will see when they receive your product. Face future challenges head on by understanding all of the threats your package might face and becoming aware of the methods of coping with it to secure your goods.

Filling the Void Automatically

When you have empty space in a box or bag, the space must be filled with protective packaging materials (void fill) to prevent the boxes from crushing and eliminate the product from moving around- ultimately protecting it from damage. Stuffing empty spaces by hand is very labor intensive and can create a bottleneck within your packaging operations. Hughes offers several void fill systems that will deliver void fill on demand; ideal for workstation or on-line applications, our equipment provides excellent protection while reducing material and shipping costs.

Fill Your Pockets with Cost Savings

The benefits of automated machinery are endless. Our void fill equipment is user-friendly, versatile and fills void fast…optimizing ROI in your distribution center! Businesses can clearly benefit from the high volume output and flexibility each void fill system provides. Our PAPERplus Shooter, for example, offers better protection than crumpled paper, plus it speeds packaging and reduces worker fatigue. In addition, this high-tech machine offers ergonomics and flexible features for working comfort and improved productivity.

Environmentally Friendly Fillers

Many of our packaging systems will help your company reduce your carbon footprint using environmentally friendly materials. For example, the Pregis paper packaging systems give companies an advantage with their proprietary Renew 100% recycled paper (preferred by operators since the paper is softer on the hands and less abrasive to products). In addition, the PackTiger Hybrid can protect your goods with responsible and superior eco-friendly packaging.

Find Your Fill With Hughes

If you’re looking for new ways to streamline your packaging operation, reduce your packing costs and eliminate bottlenecks, reach out to one of our knowledgeable Hughes Sales Representatives today! We can help you determine which of our void fill systems would work best in your packaging environment.