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Automotive Parts Packaging Design Solutions: Protect Your Parts

Automotive Parts Packaging Design Solutions: Protect Your Parts

At Hughes Enterprises, we understand that products come in all different sizes, shapes and weights and in the auto industry, you need an automotive parts packaging design that reflect the nature of the product packaged within. So whether you’re packaging small or large automotive parts, they’re probably oddly sized, fragile, and require a customized packaging solution to ensure they stay safe in transport.

Automotive PartsPackaging Design Solutions Protect High-Value Parts

All auto parts have to be packaged and transported, so it is critical that they are packaged correctly to ensure full protection. Automotive parts that most commonly require specific packaging designs and solutions include:

  • Doors and door handles
  • Hoods
  • Panels
  • Windshields and side windows
  • Grills and spoilers
  • Moldings
  • Sway bars
  • Bumpers
  • Lights
  • Shocks, coils springs
  • Exhaust system parts
  • Steering wheels
  • Engines
  • Batteries
  • Air bags
  • Gear boxes
  • Dashboards
  • Transmissions
  • Tires
  • GPS systems
  • On-board electronics
  • Switches and buttons
  • Seats

Protect Your Parts with Custom Corrugated Boxes

These parts will need to be protected against empty spaces using dunnage (for example, packaging peanuts) padding, foam, bubble wrap, etc. In our earlier post, “Protective Packaging for Automotive Parts,” we discusses the importance of protecting automobile parts during shipping using Fill-Air and Instapak Foam Fill to not only keep products safe, but also provide versatility, save warehouse space, increase the packaging process and enhance customer satisfaction.
Depending on the application and final destination, we can use a variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to create the best auto parts packaging solution for you including heavy duty custom corrugated boxes for all in-pack and transportation protection needs.
Custom sized boxes accommodate a wide variety of shapes and weights. Using the latest in computer software packaging design, we can easily determine the weight of a package given the weight of the part being shipped; likewise we are quickly able to calculate the strength of the corrugation. These specialty boxes can accommodate irregularly shaped products to ensure your parts stay safe and undamaged when it reaches the consumer’s hands.

Automotive Parts and Product Packaging from Hughes

The packaging specialists at Hughes Enterprises work closely with each customer to design an automotive parts packaging solution that works for their business and product. We can help you design an attractive and strong product packaging that protects your fragile (oddly shaped) auto parts and accessories. Whatever automotive parts packaging design you need, our custom-designed packaging will provide the ultimate in parts protection and shipping.
Whether you need to label to big-customer specifications, reduce floor space, cut materials costs, improve ergonomics or increase overall throughput, Hughes knows how to get your shipping and packaging operation from here to there working within your parameters. We’ve increased productivity and saved thousands of dollars for our distribution center customers.
For more information on how Hughes Enterprises is helping distribution center of all sizes meet the changing demands of their customers in real time and to learn more about solutions for your shipping and packaging center, please contact a Hughes Sales Representative.