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Avoid Downtime on Cyber Monday: Streamline Your Packaging Line with a Wexxar Bel Case Sealer

Avoid Downtime on Cyber Monday: Streamline Your Packaging Line with a Wexxar Bel Case Sealer

Wexxar Bel WHS Hot Melt Glue Case SealerIs your small business prepared for the surge of online sales Cyber Monday brings? Stats show that we’re looking at over 17% more sales than last year’s holiday season. So, whether you’re looking ahead to streamline processes for future growth or getting the warehouse ready for the busiest online shopping day of the year, it’s important to have an effective plan in place. Even one simple mistake on a packaging line can slow down an entire operation. Even bring it to a halt. One way businesses can prevent those notorious bottle necks and deliver goods in a timely manner is by incorporating a Wexxar Bel case sealer.

Wexxar Bel Case Sealer Equipment by Hughes

Designed to increase your throughput and decrease costs, a Wexxar Bel case sealer can be used in several different applications for top and bottom case sealing. Whether your products require tightly butted top flap tape or hot melt glue adhesive, pressure sensitive tape case sealing equipment and hot melt glue case sealing equipment provide the security and safety solutions for your all your packing needs. Let’s take a look at the different styles:

Pressure Sensitive Tape Wexxar Bel Case Sealer

The pressure sensitive tape Wexxar Bel case sealer equipment has a heavy-duty drive system. Wexxar Bel produces gap-free, tightly butted top flap tape sealing. And with such a wide variety of sealers available, there’s sure to accommodate your operation’s unique needs; no matter your case size.

Take a look at the large variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic pressure sensitive tape case sealers we offer at Hughes. Learn more about how a case sealer will help improve your operation.

Hot Melt Glue Wexxar Bel Case Sealer

Designed to accommodate a wide range of case sizes and high speed sealing requirements, hot melt glue sealers are one of the most commonly used case sealing methods in the packing industry. It is versatile enough to bond all types of packaging but generally used for carton closing, sealing and pallet stabilization.

Suitable for high-speed operations, hot melt glue adhesive dries quickly after application, forming a strong, solid bond between joined surfaces. It has a high heat resistance and can withstands temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius. Hot melt glue holds up in humid environments making it the perfect choice for streamlining packaging operations of all types.

At Hughes, we offer the following hot melt Wexxar Bel Case Sealer equipment to fulfill any of your packaging needs:

  • Bel 270Our most compact automatic case sealer available, sealing up to 25 cases per minute!
  • Bel 290HDesigned to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications and minimize energy waste.
  • Wexxar WHS Versatile to seal top and bottom seals and durable enough to ensure products are secure for shipping even the heaviest of loads.

Improve Operations with a Wexxar Bel Case Sealer

As the holidays draw near, it’s important that e-commerce businesses prepare themselves for a surge in online sales. Not to mention the increased packaging and shipping needs. All those goods that your customers order as gifts need to be delicately wrapped and ready to be placed under the tree well before Santa loads his sleigh.

Contact a Hughes Representative to learn more about how a Wexxar Bel case sealer can help improve your operation. Our professional technicians can also perform planned maintenance on your case sealing machines. We make sure that they are constantly up and running, ready for the big shopping day!