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Benefits and Uses of Case Labeling

Benefits and Uses of Case Labeling

Case Labeling

Each day, businesses deliver upwards of 24 million packages to customers all over the world. In this jumble of transportation, packages can unfortunately go astray. Proper case labeling can decrease this risk drastically. While label layouts may differ slightly between manufacturers, there are certain guidelines that will help merchandise reach its final destination safely. Hughes Enterprises, in conjunction with ID Technology – a division of Pro Match – provides high-quality case labeling equipment for the needs of any warehouse or distribution center.

Proper Case Labeling

Proper case labeling is vital in order to prevent lost packages and ensure a timely delivery. As noted on, there are many points to keep in mind when labeling packages. Such aspects include providing complete street addresses and postal codes, recording telephone numbers if shipping to a P.O. Box address, proper placement of the shipping label, removal of old shipping labels, and the inclusion of a duplicate label inside the package.

4 Benefits and Uses of Proper Labeling

1. Ensure Packages Arrive in a Timely Manner.

While making a purchase online, customers are often offered a variety of shipping options, including standard, overnight, two-day, and more. It is vital for warehouses and distribution centers to honor these selections. Utilizing high-quality labeling equipment to prevent damage to bar codes, addresses and other important information on packages will guarantee the timely arrival of purchases. For any small business, customer satisfaction is a top priority.

2. Prevent the Loss of Expensive Purchases.

With millions of packages being shipped and delivered each day, it is inevitable for some to slip through the cracks. This can be costly for businesses, as customers may request refunds or replacement products. With proper case labeling, such costs can easily be avoided.

3. Allow for Package Tracking.

By utilizing effective labeling practices, businesses may take advantage of tracking systems. As listed on, this can be beneficial in several key ways. These include speedy delivery, prevention of misplaced packages, efficiency and accountability. Not only does a package tracking system allow customers to keep track of their purchases, it also allows businesses to identify mail fraud. Such practices are beneficial to customers, businesses and distribution centers.

4. Provide the Proper Return Address in the Event of an Incorrect Destination.

It can be easy to input an incorrect or outdated address on an order. This can end in packages being lost in the shuffle. Once this happens, it can take an excessive amount of time for customers to recover their purchases. Correct case labeling allows shipping and distribution centers to return packages to senders, preventing the loss of potentially expensive merchandise.

Hughes Enterprises, Packaging Systems Solutions You Can Count On

Hughes Enterprises – along with ID Technology – provides impeccable service tailored to every customer’s individual needs. With a wide selection of high-quality shipping equipment, satisfaction is guaranteed. With products such as CO2 Laser Coders, Label Applicators, CodeTech Coding Systems, Large and Small Inkjet Coders, and Thermal Transfer Overprints, Hughes Enterprises has the perfect equipment for any packaging environment. For more information, about our case labeling equipment contact a Hughes Sales Representative today.