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Benefits and Uses of Shrink Wrap Equipment

Benefits and Uses of Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink Wrap Equipment.Regardless of the size or shape, if the core of your business is selling products online, you know just how important packaging is for the safety of your merchandise. But besides safety during transportation, attractive product packaging provides a slam-dunk first impression. Shrink wrap product packaging is a very popular choice, especially with eco-conscious companies.

Hughes provides a wide variety of shrink wrap equipment designed to suit the needs of any industry. Invest in straight-bar shrink wrappers (generally used to package CDs, DVDs, and books), shrink bundlers (used in packaging stacks of appliances, electronics, bundles of paper, etc.), or many more money-saving options. Hughes Enterprises offers top-of-the-line shrink wrap equipment, providing the perfect packaging solutions for any business.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

The main goal of at Hughes is to provide other businesses with high-quality shipping materials and equipment. We aim to help warehouses and distribution centers cut costs and maximize storage space. Precision engineered shrink wrap packaging equipment, such as the Conflex, Damark or Kallfass will accommodate a wide variety of products and keep merchandise safe during transport.

5 Benefits Provided by Shrink Wrap Equipment

1. Increase Storage Space.

Shrink wrap equipment can help a warehouse or distribution center increase precious storage space to make available for other e-commerce business needs. These machines fills up less floor space than traditional packaging equipment, in addition, shrink wrap is lightweight and takes up little space as well. Both of these benefits allow more room for merchandise storage and other necessary equipment for growing businesses.

2. Protect Merchandise from Damage.

Shrink wrap is highly effective in guarding against environmental damage. It protects against dirt and humidity; your merchandise will be safe from the elements. Shrink wrap can also prolong the life of products that would otherwise spoil quickly such as perishable foods.

3. Increase Marketing with Printed Shrink Wrap.

This alternative usage of shrink wrap is not only eye-catching, it also aids in marketing. By utilizing printed material, companies can help increase and spread brand awareness. This option also has the potential to increase customer loyalty. If your customers are satisfied with the service provided, attractive packaging could be that boost they needed to shop again.

4. Provides a Cost Efficient Option.

Compared to traditional corrugated products and packaging techniques, shrink wrap requires up to 75% less material. Requiring less material is an easy way to save. With the added bonus of additional storage space, warehouses and distribution centers will be able to make the most of their budgets. In addition, shrink wrap also offers easy end-product disposal.

5. Utilize Unique Packaging Options.

For companies who are shipping products that must be kept cold, shrink wrap equipment is a great investment. Since the plastic wrapping is effective against environmental damage, refrigeration is an option. It also allows for packaging in ice or even water. With a tight seal, goods will be safe from damage as well as maintained appropriately.

Hughes: Top of the Line Shrink Wrap Equipment Supplier

Hughes Enterprises is proudly an authorized dealer of Conflex shrink wrap equipment. Not only do we provide installation services, we also offer training on how to use the equipment. With products from Conflex, Damark, and Kallfass, businesses will find exactly what they are looking for. For more information on our products, please visit our website. Alternatively, contact a Hughes representative for assistance in choosing the most appropriate product.