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Benefits of a Low Level Palletizer

Benefits of a Low Level Palletizer

Premier Tech Chronos’ Val-U-Pal Low Level PalletizerLong gone are the days when manual stacking was your only option to palletizing. (Thankfully!) And since retailers are constantly looking for ways to streamline operations and meet consumer demands, more flexible palletizing solutions have emerged. Today, an automatic low level palletizer, also known as a floor level palletizer, offers a wide variety of shipping solutions including reliability, flexibility, increased productivity and a smaller equipment footprint.

  • Reliability- Regardless of the orientation at the infeed, a robotic low level palletizer system is designed to pick randomly placed cases and stack them precisely according to a pre-programmed pattern for the pallet.
  • Flexibility– Since manufacturers are constantly looking for more ways to do more with less, flexible equipment becomes a necessity. Robotic low level palletizers can handle changes in package size and weight efficiently; ideal for custom-mixed pallet loads. Additionally, the ability to control orientation of individual items on the load is critical for club-store display pallets (“shelf”). This is logistically important for outward-facing barcodes and labeling as well as tracing requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Increased Productivity– Boost productivity and uptime with fewer personnel. Automatic palletizers are designed to deliver a high rate of speed, some up to 4 cycles per minute. Plus, the low maintenance needs and operational ease gives businesses who invest in a low level palletizer a very quick return on investment (ROI).
  • Small Equipment Footprint– A small footprint designed by separating the infeed and pallet handling systems from the main frame allows for placement in limited floor spaces. Modular components also allow for simple upgrading with additional options for future needs.

Find the Right Low Level Palletizer from Hughes

Hughes offers a variety of low level palletizers to fulfill any kind of packaging and shipping need including the Premier Tech Val-U-Pal and the Premier Tech AC Series.

  • Premier Tech Val-U-Pal

The automatic Val-U-Pal low level palletizer is engineered for palletizing containers such as cases, trays, totes, and pails. Depending on sizes, stacking pattern and configuration, it can handle up to 16 units per minute, cycling up to 4 cycles per minute. No operator required.

  • Premier Tech AC Series

The compact AC Series low level palletizer offers innovation like no other. The automatic gripper and four-axis system allows it to precisely choose the unit from a pick-up conveyor and guarantees exact positioning of each unit on the pallet.

In its basic version, the empty pallet is manually placed into the machine and the full load is removed with a forklift truck. And as an additional option, automatic pallet handling can be supplement the infeed or outfeed of the system.

No matter your industry, the easy-to-maintain AC-200 Series automatic compact palletizer is a cost-effective solution to give manufacturers maximum design flexibility and accommodate specific operational requirements.

Interested in learning more about a low level palletizer for your warehouse?

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