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Benefits of A Planned Maintenance Program

Benefits of A Planned Maintenance Program

Smart companies make the proactive approach and install a planned maintenance programs into their shipping operations. Planned maintenance is critical to guarantee that equipment is able to meet production schedules.

What is Planned Maintenance?

What exactly is planned maintenance and why is it important? Planned maintenance is designed specifically to improve the life of machines or equipment in your facility to avoid any unplanned maintenance activity (interrupting production). Packaging equipment is vital to any organization’s ability to produce their final product to customers. From the smallest tool to the largest automatic machine, if a piece of equipment malfunctions, production time is affected in a negative way.
Failure to perform routine planned maintenance appointments and the life of your equipment will be shortened (increasing the chances of unexpected and annoying breakdowns). However, if the maintenance recommendations are followed, the life of the machines is extended and the risk of breakdown is greatly reduced keeping your production machinery operating properly and producing quality final products.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance Include:

  • Reduced production downtime due to fewer unexpected machine breakdowns
  • Planned, or anticipated, equipment shut down can be strategically worked into production planning to minimize impact on production schedules.
  • Replacement parts can be properly budgeted and planned for in advance.
  • Costs are decreased significantly. Ultimately the cost of an unexpected failure is comprised of not only the price of the parts themselves, but also in expediting costs, labor costs, lost production time and possibly missed delivery dates. With a planned maintenance, you can avoid all of that.
  • And, ultimately, your packing and shipping equipment longevity is increased.

With the consistent and constant demand to maintain high production output, companies need to place a high priority on planned maintenance to keep their production line running smoothly. At Hughes Enterprise, our technicians will make an initial inspection of the equipment and record serial number of the equipment to be covered under the Planned Maintenance (PM) contract.

The Hughes Enterprise PM Program

Should your equipment need repairs upon the initial inspection, Hughes Enterprises will first make all of the necessary repairs to bring your equipment into good working order. During each planned maintenance service, our trained technician will perform a general inspection of your equipment to ensure all components are in good working condition. This contract service does not cover the parts needed to maintain your equipment. Parts do wear with regular use of the machine. If parts are needed at the time of a PM service, the customer will be billed for these parts.
The number of hours are predetermined and tailored for this particular equipment. This contract is designed for one year of pre-scheduled appointments performed on a quarterly basis.
When packaging your precious products, the quality, performance and maintenance of the machinery is vital. Companies looking to package goods as fast as possible without losing quality of their production line choose Hughes as their first choice to fill their company’s need. Hughes Enterprises manufactures the best packaging equipment for all industries.