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Benefits of Automated Packaging Systems

Benefits of Automated Packaging Systems

How a Combi Case Erector Can Boost Your ROI

Combi Case ErectorWhen the economy starts to shrink, you need to find a way to stretch your resources and limit your expenses. One of the most common ways to save money is to automate processes and eradicate wastage. Buying in bulk is a great way to eliminate the wastage of expensive packaging, but assembly can be a drag on time and employee usage. Using automated packaging systems like a combi case erector can help you get the most out of your business’ personnel, save time and money.

What Is a Case Erector?

A case erector is a machine specifically designed to take cardboard and transform it into pre-designed packages, ready for shipping. Using a tap process to form the cardboard and a hot sealing glue to assemble the case, it can assemble a package and have it ready for usage much faster than through human effort. The machine is simple to operate and requires one employee to load the cardboard and change out the glue.

The Benefits of Case Erectors


Your first decision to install a case erector is because of the savings you’ll receive in shipping. Employee time is valuable and using to do a simple task of assembling boxes uses up this valuable resource which could be better utilized elsewhere. A case erector can assemble any size box you program and churn out from 12-35 per minute. Each case is assembled uniformly and with precision.


It is a versatile packaging machine that works in with your existing production line. It can assemble hundreds of boxes per day and be set to assemble whatever size you require, and in the quantity you need. It doesn’t inhibit production, but rather streamlines it and improves the quality of your shipping processes.


It creates a safe way for cases to be assembled through automation. The operator is always a safe distance from the press and sealing components and loading and overseeing the machine requires no strain. You can save on occupation health and safety costs from the simpler process alone.

Less Maintenance

Its automated processes also self-vacuum the system to remove the build-up of dust in the machine. This eliminates the need for excess maintenance which can be dangerous and costly. The benefits of automated packaging systems are far reaching in your organization and can stretch out the resources you have and use them in a better and smarter way.

Could a Case Erector Be Right For You?

Find out how a case erector can benefit your industry’s production line. In business, you have the job of reducing expenses and increasing profits. The case erectors accomplishes both by eliminating wasted time and energy on assembling boxes, and it streamlines the shipping process and gets more products out the door in an efficient manner. Contact Hughes Enterprises today to find out how a case erector will generate more income for you. We’ve been creating packaging solutions for over 60 years and have the expertise to work with your individual needs.