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The Benefits of Hughes National Packaging Partnership

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The pandemic that is COVID-19 has created a large amount of shortages within the packaging industry. It’s left a lot of customers struggling to get the products they need, as well as information about new and upcoming trends and products for packaging.

Hughes Enterprises knows this daily struggle that our industry is currently facing, and we understand that in times like today, it’s important to have the proper infrastructure and knowledge base supporting your company. We are part of an organization that provides this necessary infrastructure and all of the benefits that come with it. Hughes Enterprises is proud to be a member of the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA). This is one of the largest associations of packaging distributors in the world.

Because of the network of packaging distributors that are members, there are quite a few benefits that are able to be passed on to our customers due to our PDA affiliation—benefits that otherwise wouldn’t be afforded to those same customers, such as buying power and improving packaging logistics. We call this partnership our National Packaging Program.

1. Network Outreach

The premiere partnership with the Packaging Distributors of America paves the way for customers who contract with Hughes Enterprises to utilize a nationwide network of packaging distributors. In turn, this allows for any packaging need, customization, or logistical expertise to be met without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

If Hughes or a Hughes customer has an immediate need, we have access to the entire network of packaging professionals, engineers, and suppliers who are always happy to answer the phone and help where they can.

2. Quality

Through our partnership with Packaging Distributors of America, our customers get the high-quality packaging products from PDA preferred suppliers. We are able to utilize this network, and in doing so, provide a high-value service to our customer base.

We pass these quality and cost savings benefits, along with any information about upcoming packaging technology and promotions onto our customers.

3. Cost Savings

Through our partnership with the Packaging Distributors of America, Hughes Enterprises is able to establish uniform national pricing. Due to our ability to set this uniform pricing, along with our access to the nationwide network of packaging distributors, we have the ability to save our customers money without slacking on personal attention and quality of service.

4. Buying Power

This partnership provides the ability for our team of packaging specialists to have the buying power to get the quantity of material our customers need, while also not having the same shortages that have been created by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns. Our supplier network, through the Packaging Distributors of America, provides access to the products you need, as well as the ability to acquire any necessary quantity. Thus, in most cases eliminating a shortage of packaging supplies and distribution ability.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Hughes Enterprises has also partnered with the Packaging Distributors of America, in large part, because of PDA’s focus on values. We take pride in working so closely with an organization that keeps its focus on the people that work for and with them, their families, and the communities in which they operate and impact.

We pass these values that we share with the Packaging Distributors of America on to our customers. Through a focus on unity, Hughes Enterprises, alongside the Packaging Distributors of America, creates a network of valuable information and knowledge sharing nationwide.

6. Packaging Logistics & Distribution

Our partnership with PDA provides the ability to have access to a national network of distributors that can solve any problem. Quality and time sacrifices are able to become a thing of the past as our team of packaging experts work closely with our customers to meet any design or packaging equipment need. Working together with the Packaging Distributors of America organization and their nationwide network, we are able to solve any problem that may arise for our customers.

We work as an extension to your logistics team to help integrate packaging solutions that will save your customers money. Our streamlined packaging systems are proven to help minimize downtime, while meeting packaging and distribution needs.

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