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Benefits of Stretch Wrap Film

Benefits of Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch FilmWhy Smart E-Commerce Businesses Use Stretch Film and You Should Too

Stretch film is a must have for any business (in any industry) looking to save time and money on their packaging operations. Stretch film is a simple effective way to properly package goods. Hand wrapping takes more time and can be wasteful of film; a stretch wrap machine, on the other hand, can actually save money in the long run- boosting your company’s ROI. These ergonomically friendly machines require less manual labor and exponentially decrease the time needed to wrap packages. And as a bonus, your products will look professionally wrapped every single time. Below, our packaging and shipping experts share why a stretch film machine is necessary for any business.

Top of the Line Protection

Stretch film is essential for properly protecting a package to arrive at your destination safely. Protected from dirt, dust and moisture, using a stretch wrap machine will secure your package completely. Whether your package is being moved throughout the warehouse and beginning the packaging process or in its final leg of transport, it is extremely vital that your package is tightly wrapped and fully protected.

Since stretch wrap is also great for wrapping irregularly shaped products; those products that cannot fit into traditional boxes or containers can be wrapped and properly protected by multiple layers of stretch wrap.

Increase Efficiency

Are your employees struggling to keep up with production goals? Investing in a stretch wrap machine will increase your long term efficiency. Your employees will spend significantly less time wrapping packages when using an ergonomically-friendly stretch film machine rather than tedious hand wrapping. Not only will these packages be wrapped quickly, they will also be wrapped with incredible accuracy and precision. The cost of a stretch wrap machine is easily justified even with 10-15 loads per day. Watch your business’ production rates go up and labor costs go down with stretch wrap film usage.

Improve Warehouse Space

Every inch of floor space is valuable commodity in any warehouse. With a stretch wrap machine you will get a package that is tightly, securely wrapped the same way every time. At Hughes, we provide many different options for increasing automation without taking over prime real estate in your warehouse. Choose quality control, ensure damage-free distribution…and save on precious warehouse space.

Find our more great benefits of using a stretch wrapper machine in our recent blog post, “Protect Your Products with a Stretch Wrapper.”

Hughes Stretch Film

Customizing the packaging that a product will be shipped in greatly increases efficiency. Rather than choosing a set of one-size-fit-all boxes or containers, wrapping packages will ensure that there is no wasted space where a product could be potential broken or harmed. From hand stretch film to demanding machine film applications, Hughes Enterprises has a product for your needs.