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Breathe Easy: Respirators

Breathe Easy: Respirators

Many different industry employees require protection from airborne particles and mists. Meet their needs by offering workers with protective respirators that are comfortable, lightweight, adjustable and convenient. Hughes Enterprises offers you a single source for all of your safety equipment needs. Our comprehensive line of safety products includes items that will keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance. In fact, in a blind study conducted by Burke, Inc., workers rated the 3M respirators as easier to breathe through when compared to others.

Choosing Your Respirator
Select the correct respirator to ensure that it suits your needs and those of your work environment. Though they may look similar, there are often significant differences in the use of materials, construction durability and design technology.

• Disposable Respirators
Most single use disposable dust respirators are designed to protect the lungs from nuisance particles and are lightweight and inexpensive. Breathe easier with 3M Disposable Respirators which are designed with highly charged microfibers that enhance the capture of airborne particles to help provide quality, reliable worker respiratory protection.

• Reusable Respirators
Reusable respirators provide maximum comfort, durability and visibility for your toughest safety challenges. Protect your world with full face piece respirators, half face piece respirators or escape respirators. Appropriate for a variety of hazards and industries including: spray painting, sanding, welding, construction, janitorial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, etc.

• Powered and Supplied Air Respirators
Offer comfortable, integrated protection against multiple hazards proving respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection. Their ease-of-use can help to improve employee productivity in the workplace. Hughes supplies all your needs including PAPR systems, SAR systems, headgear, breathing tubes and welding respiratory systems.

How to Wear Your Respirator

No matter the model, respirators should be correctly positioned on your face and head to ensure optimum comfort and protection as well as to allow you the freedom to communicate easily with colleagues:

• Position the upper strap on the crown of the head.
• Positioned the lower strap below the ears.
• Mold the nose clip to the shape of the nose using two hands.
• Always conduct a user seal check.
• Follow the user and donning instructions for the specific model.

It is vital to wear your respirator throughout the day, studies show that even short breaks can result in a significant decrease in the level of your protection.

The Power to Protect Your World

Whatever your workforce environment may be, Hughes Enterprises and 3M™ can help to keep it safe. From respirators to hearing protection to eye protection to protective apparel, we can outfit your workforce with all that and more! Workplace conditions such as temperature and humidity can affect comfort, so taking note of different features is important. Hughes Enterprises can also make expert recommendations regarding appropriate safety equipment and models. You can rely on us to provide you with the knowledge to help you select the right safety equipment at an affordable price.