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Paper Packaging Solutions for Business: Waste Less, Save More

Paper Packaging Solutions for Business: Waste Less, Save More

Paper PackagingWhen your product leaves the storeroom, goes to the warehouse and out to your customers, you would expect that it arrives in the same condition that it left. This is the same expectation of the customer as well. However, as is often the case, shipping and handling can be rough on products and damages can occur. You need an effective, affordable and sustainable way to pack and protect your products. Our paper packaging solutions for business—along with protective packaging equipment—meet all those requirements and more. Find out how paper dunnage can get your product from A to B to Z in the pristine condition you and your clients expect.

How Does Paper Packaging Work?

Paper Packaging provides a crimped-cut paper cushion that keeps your product in place during storage. Its custom fit provides a way to keep your heavy, awkward or fragile items in the condition you need them. It provides a mattress of reusable and recyclable storage that can handle any packaging task. These paper packaging solutions for business offers a cost-effective and simple way to solve the problem of shrinkage due to shipping and transport loss.

What Solutions Does Paper Packaging Provide?

Cost Effective

If you select to use paper packaging, you’ll find that the benefits are far beyond a simple and reliable method of packing. The main advantages are not only in how cost-effective and affordable they are. They provide a cushion that effectively protects the fragile or awkward items during the rigors of travel. A paper packaging cushion can adapt and be custom-made around the item you need to ship.


It also provides an inexpensive and easy way to fill space. Give that not all cases are created equal and each product is unique and different, you’ll inevitably have space in your cases when it’s ready to be packed and transported. From pallet stacking, the forklift maneuvering to the storage on shelves, the case needs to retain its shape. This makes transporting easier, saves money and also protects your product. Crimped paper fills the spaces in the case and gives an added layer of protection.


Paper packaging also is a recyclable solution. The product can be reused upon recovery for another shipment. When its use is no longer needed, the packaging can be recycled at any depot with newspaper and cardboard facilities. Advertise your eco-friendly packaging solution with paper packaging from a recycled Kraft paper.

Energy Saving Resource

It’s a cost-inclusive and energy saving resource that you can easily incorporate into your already existing shipping facilities. It takes minimal training and will save you money, time and the environment.

Contact The Experts in Packaging Solutions.

Hughes Enterprises have been working with clients for over 60 years to give them a way to transport their goods easily, safely and affordably. Give us a call today to find out if paper packaging and related protective packaging equipment are a solution that will meet your needs. We will cater a solution for you that will exceed all your expectations. Call now to get a unique solution to meet your specific needs.