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The Busy Season is Upon Us, Is Your Equipment Up to the Task?

The Busy Season is Upon Us, Is Your Equipment Up to the Task?

Importance of Planned Maintenance

Proper asset care or “planned maintenace” is critical to garentee that equipment is able to meet production schedules.

Hughes’ Agreement

Planned Maintenance

Our Planned Maintenance (PM) Program is set up to provide you with regular maintenance service to help reduce down time. This PM Program will be provided to your company at a reduced annual rate.

A Hughes Enterprises technician must make an initial inspection of the equipment and record serial numbers of equipment to be covered under this contract. Should your equipment need repairs upon this inspection, Hughes Enterprises must first make all of the necessary repairs, at our normal standard rates, to bring this equipment into good working order.

During each planned maintenance service, our trained technician will perform a general inspection of your equipment to ensure all components are in good working condition. This contract service does not cover the parts needed to maintain your equipment. Parts do wear with regular use of the machine. If parts are needed at the time of a PM service, the customer will be billed for these parts.

The number of hours are predetermined and tailored for this particular equipment. This contract is designed for one year of pre-scheduled appointments performed on a quarterly basis.