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The Importance of Case Erectors for Commercial Packaging

The Importance of Case Erectors for Commercial Packaging

Case ErectorEach cost-saving measure matters in a highly competitive world of business. So, when you need to save money in the shipping and handling of your products, you should consider a case erector as an efficient and simple way to save money. Automation in the shipping process is a guaranteed way to move products faster and ship more quantity. Hughes Enterprises offer two different options for your case erectors, Combi and Wexxar for a customized packaging solution to meets your business’s requirements. Each option provides you with a packaging solution that is reliable, durable and will integrate easily into your systems and procedures. Our solutions oriented sales team have put together a list of reason why every business should choose a case erector to assemble your boxes:

1) Automation

A case erector integrates very easily into the shipping line of any business. It doesn’t detract from your productivity and instead enhances your output. By automating the process of case formers, your personnel can focus on packaging and shipping rather than forming boxes by hand. An automated process removes any element of mistakes or human error. It also allows you to calculate exact construction times and shorten the time a product is prepared for shipment.

2) Cost Savings

Case erectors are designed to save you the time it takes to use an employee to form a box. The time spent in constructing and perfecting boxes can be a drag on your finances. By selecting a case former instead, the time required to form cases is a fraction of what it used to be without an output far exceeding what a person could achieve. A case erector can form up to 12 cases per minute. You can now assign more productive tasks to your employees, and rely on the case erector to form the boxes quickly and efficiently.

3) Safety

With a case erector consistently performing their job, it relieves the repetitive motions associated with forming boxes. The stress and strain of the movement can cause costly injuries to your staff. A case erector takes the strain out of the job by automating the process in an ergonomic and safe fashion. Each case is assembled in seconds without any extra burden on the operator of the machine. Produce high numbers of cases in a short amount of time so your valuable man-hours don’t go to waste.

4) Versatility

Case erectors are created to handle several different case sizes and designs. Each erector can be quickly and easily swapped over to create different sized boxes and packages. Just load the preset blanks into the machine, set the correct setting, and it will produce different sized boxes with only a 3-4 minute delay in swapping. You can even change out tapes or glues as required for the different products you ship.

Case Formers

Case erectors are powerful tools when it comes to safely, affordably and efficiently producing high volumes of cases. They are cost-effective and are true assets to your company’s bottom line. Hughes can help you determine which of our case erectors would work best in your packaging environment. Hughes is a member of the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA)and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) allowing us to service companies with locations throughout the United States. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance to order or buy a Case Erector today.