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Case Erectors Just Make Sense

Case Erectors Just Make Sense

As your business expands and orders continue to grow so will the demands on your packaging and shipping department. One of the things that can slow down a growing production process is the construction of cartons for packaging products to be shipped. An automatic case erectorAutomatic Case Erectors packaging machine (also known as carton sealing machine or a case former) is a great way get around that obstacle and improve efficiency of your distribution process (as well as increase the productivity of your employees). Since it is the goal of any company to ensure their product arrives on time and damage free.

What Does a Case Erector Do?

A case erector is a sealing machine that will automatically erect and seal corrugated cardboard boxes. These machines are custom build to accommodate all different shapes and sizes of cartons to ensure they are set up properly and in the fastest amount of time possible. This custom end-of-line packaging equipment offers your company a wide range of innovative solutions and have several benefits beyond speeding up the production process. Our packaging experts at Hughes have put together a list of just a few of those important benefits below:

Case Erectors Make Economic Sense

Are you still making boxes by hand? Let us assure you that case erectors have improved dramatically over the last 10 years and any industry can benefit from them. If your business is erecting more than 300 cases per day, it definitely makes economic sense to use a case erector. In addition, case erectors today are easier to use and faster to set up (and changeover) than ever before. Save money and speed up your production process by building more cartons in a shorter amount of time.

Case Erectors are Reliable

Wondering what to look for in a good case erector? A simple distinguishing factor that separates the “good ones” from the “bad ones” is that good case erectors make cases without jamming up. The key to a good case erector is continuous control of the case throughout the entire erecting and sealing cycle. Carton erectors are custom build to ensure that each carton is assembled correctly; eliminating errors.

Case Erectors Improve Assembly

Case erectors don’t just build boxes faster, they build them better. These machines are designed to incorporate carton reinforcing elements such as tape sealing to ensure that the box is stable and sturdy enough to hold any product.

Combi and Wexxar Case Erectors From Hughes

Hughes offers two brands of high quality, affordable case erectors from Combi and Wexxar for your packaging and shipping operations.

  • Combi case erectors readily integrate into your existing line and are durable, reliable, and offers a great value. Combi Packaging is your single source for carrier formers, case erectors, and bottle case packers.
  • Wexxar Case Formers / Erectors brings together simple and brilliant innovations like the Pin and Dome positive case opening system that requires no vacuum to open the case resulting in high performance and speed.

Maximize Packaging Productivity

Hughes case erecting equipment are used to maximize packaging productivity; the equipment is affordable and simple to use. Hughes can help you determine which of our case erectors would work best in your packaging environment. We are members of Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) and the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) allowing us to service companies with locations throughout the United States. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance to order or buy a Case Erector today.