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Catching Customer’s Attention with Displayability

Catching Customer’s Attention with Displayability

Catching Customer’s Attention with DisplayabilityWhat makes a product stand out on the shelves? What causes consumers to stop for a second look, pick up your product and consider purchasing it? When shoppers first walk into a store, their first point of interaction with your product is it’s packaging design and distinguishing formula of displayability (ability to dirsplay). It doesn’t matter how beneficial and amazing the product inside the box is unless a consumer decides to stop in their tracks to pick it up and test it out for themselves.

A product’s unique label design and package shape can help differentiate your company from the competition and build brand identity. From electronics to packaged foods to cosmetics, companies who incorporate a distinctive and memorable packaging design will attract a more loyal customer base with a positive retail experience.

Point of Sale Displayability

In retail, a brand’s packaging is basically its own point of sale display. Point of Sale (POS) displays are designed to meet specific marketing objectives such as trigger impulse buying. Therefore, shape of the box and design of the package including colors and durability are not only important to communicate what the products is about but also capture attention.

Making an Important First Impression

Studies show that 1/3 of consumer purchase choices are based on packaging alone. So, for businesses, there isn’t any wiggle room to ignore the power of a first impression (just 7 seconds, actually). So, be innovative and differentiate from your competitors, but choose quality to remind consumers what your brand is all about.

Customized packaging goes a long way to ensure that the first impression is a very good one. Hughes even offers you the option to customize your own packaging labels to include your logo. Find out more on our blog, “How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Buying Decisions.”

More than an Eye Catcher

A product placed in high quality packaging makes a potential customer think that that product is well worth the money. But, although visual representation is key, packaging is more than just your product’s ability to catch customer’s attention.

Your package design should entail everything from durability and safety in shipment to adhering to label requirements. Many distributors are required to include certain information on labels. For example, packaged food products must contain information about ingredients and nutritional value.

But, don’t be afraid to try new things…you know – think outside the box. Find out more on our blog, “How Quality Packaging Impacts Customer Experience.”

Hughes Enterprises: Packaging Systems Solutions for Displayability

The Hughes product packaging experts are familiar with the many ways plain packaging can be transformed and boost brand awareness (and displayability). Our inside support staff consisting of office managers, customer support, order expediting, reception, and accounting is trained to understand all products and to be of assistance to our customers in the event that a sales representative is in the field. Contact our packaging experts at Hughes Enterprises today to see what quality packaging solutions can help your business grow.