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Cold Chain Packaging for Pharmaceuticals and Industries

Cold Chain Packaging for Pharmaceuticals and Industries

Cold Chain PackagingWhen shipping temperature sensitive products, it’s important to protect them from bumps, jostling, rough handling, bad weather, and any other unpredictable factors all while ensuring a constant temperature range. Pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, medical device companies, and even food service companies need to ensure the stability, proper packaging and proper shipping of their products. Warranting their products are in high-end thermal or cold chain packaging is essential to their successful delivery.
Many different companies in varying industries require cold chain packaging to ensure the safe delivery of their products. Below are a few examples of industries might benefit from this temperature controlled packaging.

Pharma & Biotech

Cold chain packaging is a critical part of delivering and transporting temperature sensitive products for the pharma and biotech industries. Pharma and biotech companies that ship products domestically and internationally require high-quality thermal packaging that will hold up regardless of the shipping scenario or location it’s being shipped to.

Clinical Trial Distribution

Clinical trials are a very important part of the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research as a whole. Ensuring that drugs and vaccines are properly packaged and shipped to maintain temperature and safety is a big part of guaranteeing clinical results are accurate and reliable.

Online Ordering & Specialty Pharmacies

With the growing popularity of online ordering of pharmaceutical products, cold chain packaging solutions need to keep up with demand. Amazon and other online distributors offer enhanced customer services to bring medications and other products right to their front doors. The proper thermal packaging, packaging design, and adherence to industry requirements cannot be ignored, which is why professional cold chain packaging solutions are so important. Reducing the weight of packaging, while maintaining the integrity and safety of the products, is paramount to the success of this supply chain.

Tissue & Organ Donation

Tissue and organ donation could be considered a business to business transaction, which ultimately results in successful surgeries and transplants for patients. Transporting bodily tissues and organs in controlled temperatures is essential to their viability and usability upon receipt. Strict regulatory standards need to be met to ensure nothing is left to chance and that the security and integrity of the products remains intact. Quite often, organ donations and transplants are facilitated by non-profit organizations, so creating affordable solutions is also important. By providing effective and affordable packaging to transport bodily organs and tissues, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and nurses can focus on what’s really important – the successful use of their received product.

Cold Chain Packaging by Hughes

Cold chain packaging is a very important part of the pharmaceutical, biotech, non-profit, and scientific research industries. It provides the security and temperature control necessary to properly package and transport medications, bodily tissues and organs, and clinical results domestically and internationally.
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