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Combi is Affordable Customization

Combi is Affordable Customization

Got a product that doesn’t fit into the existing molds of today’s packaging solutions? How about an automation problem that you think no company would ever be willing to tackle? Well, fear no more. Hughes Enterprises, partnered with Combi Packaging Systems, can solve even the toughest of challenges.

Combi Packaging Systems is a company based out of Canton, Ohio that designs and manufactures case erectors, tray erectors, case sealers, case packers, and ergonomic hand packing systems. However they don’t just design, manufacture, and install this industrial packaging equipment in your company; they design, manufacture, and install the equipment FOR your company. Combi takes your company’s individual situation and designs equipment around your specific needs.

Through Hughes and Combi, the equipment and solutions you and your company will receive are completely customizable and unique to your individual needs. Every problem can’t always fit into an already existing solution. Hughes and Combi are here to discover and implement these new solutions for you.

Read more about Combi, whose tagline is “Affordable Customization”, HERE.