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Commercial Packaging Solutions- Green Consulting Services

Commercial Packaging Solutions- Green Consulting Services

Learn the benefits of sustainable commercial packaging solutions.Sustainable commercial packaging solutions provide many benefits for e-commerce businesses. It not only provides a positive marketing selling point to consumers, especially those who support the going-green trend, but sustainable packing practices also become money and energy saving investments for businesses in all industries, some with goals of becoming a completely waste-free organization. Hughes Enterprises continues to lead the industry in sustainable packaging solutions and encourages environmentally friendly choices in packaging equipment and products. Let us help you find just the right (green) solution. Our green consulting team, along with Twice Green Consulting, has the resources and experience to redesign packaging practices to incorporate environmentally alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Impacts Consumer Purchasing Decisions

One of the top demands consumers look for when making a purchasing decision is eco-friendly packaging. This including packaging that uses less waste, incorporates recycled material and may be recycled when empty. Research shows that 30 percent more online shoppers choose environmentally friendly packaging now than they did in 2010. A quarter of consumers noted that they are willing to switch to brands that are eco-friendly and approximately one-third of consumers admitted that they purchase more of a product that was labeled “Recyclable” or “Made from Recycled Material”.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Companies that work to design eco-friendly packaging for their products will experience benefits such as consumer awareness and brand loyalty. But since Hughes understands how vital packaging is and also knows that there are things we can do to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging use and also improve your bottom line at the same time. Make it better, not just greener.

Walk Your Talk

A recent article on GreenBiz reviews the 2015 State of Green Business report, an annual assessment of the environmental performance of companies around the world. “The report’s indicators measuring companies’ progress in greenhouse gas and emissions, air pollutants, water use and solid-waste production are all leveling off or even declining. Even bright spots of earlier years — cleantech patents, for example — aren’t what they used to be. And still. It’s a good time to be in the sustainability business. The potential for transformational change continues to be a renewable resource.”

Be a proactive company who is committed to sustainability and sound environmental policies and you’ll gain the trust of your consumers. Walk your talk.

Green Consulting Services with Hughes

Taking the steps towards being a truly environmentally friendly company may seem like a challenge at first but Hughes Enterprises can help make it an easy and rewarding process. Want to become a greener company? Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, there are many options for improving performance. Hughes and Twice Green Consulting Services will assess your current packaging profiles. We then develop plans to more responsibly source materials, including using renewable energy in your production, using materials that can be recycled and “upcycled” for subsequent use, are safe and effective for people and the environment, and achieve the ultimate goal of the package – to safely transport, protect, and promote the product contained within.

For more information on the Green consulting services Hughes Enterprises has to offer contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance.