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6 Commercial Packaging Supplies to Boost Business Efficiencies

6 Commercial Packaging Supplies to Boost Business Efficiencies

Commercial Packaging SuppliesFor businesses, it can seem like the list of expenses is endless. From salaries to supplies, there’s no shortage of things you need. How do you decide what’s necessary and what’s not? Simple. Ask yourself the question, “Does this expense help me save in the long run and boost efficiencies?” If the answer is no, it may be time to rethink your shipping operations. Here are six must-have commercial packaging supplies that your business may be missing.

6 Must-Have Commercial Packing Supplies

1. Mailing Envelopes

Mailers and envelopes are commonly replacing corrugated boxes. From bubble mailers with outstanding shipping protection for small, semi-fragile items to padded mailers constructed with paper fiber cushion, mailing envelopes keep products safe from punctures, moisture and tears.

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2. Corrugated Boxes

When it comes to protecting your deliveries, choosing the right box size is just as important as choosing the kind of packing fill. Plus, with the new DIM Dimensional Weight changes, the correct size box will also save you on shipping costs.

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3. Labels

Whether you’re branding boxes or case labeling with coding technologies, labels help operations run efficiently for any application.

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4. Protective Packaging

Packing fill is important to keep your goods safe during transit. From packing paper and bubble wrap to foam-in-place inserts and air pillows, these protective packaging keeps fragile products from damage.

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5. Packaging Tape

Designed to stand up to physical stress and any weather conditions, packaging tape is a necessity. From plastic tape to water-activated tape, keep your boxes safe from the elements and from prying eyes.

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6. Shrink Wrap Film

Once everything is packaged just right, protected properly, taped up and labeled, it’s time to bundle. Often used by retail packaging, shrink wrap film works very well with automated equipment and allows for a more flexible storage solution.

Find out how shrink wrap can help you prevent shipping damage.

Commercial Packaging Supplies and Shipping Solutions from Hughes

Hughes Enterprises provides an economical solution to large and small warehouses. With a wide variety of commercial packaging supplies and adaptable machines, we’ll help you save both time and money. Call us at 1-267-409-6100 to get more information on what supplies and equipment is right for your business.