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Choose the Right Commercial Packing Tape for Your Business

Choose the Right Commercial Packing Tape for Your Business

Commercial Packing TapeSome businesses don’t give much thought to selecting the packing supplies for their shipping needs. From boxes to packaging tape selection, though the choice shouldn’t be so careless. What you pack and ship your products in can determine the safety upon delivery. There are several key considerations in choosing shipping tape for your packages: adhesive, width, thickness, color, etc. Hughes Enterprises has an enormous range of packaging tapes for all products and shipping solutions. Take the time to select the right commercial packing tape that best suits your distribution center’s needs.

3M Box Sealing Tapes

These pressure sensitive tapes provide a packaging solution that meets most normal needs. Select between a range of different options depending on your requirements. 3M box sealing tapes come in a wide variety of colors, lengths, and widths. Some commercial packing tapes can also be branded with your logo or for security purposes. These tapes offer easy application, a good sealant on your boxes and resistance to abrasions, moisture, temperature, and scuffing. This option will meet most of your packaging needs and is customizable to what you require.

3M Filament Tape

Each tape roll is enforcing with thin glass-yarn filaments woven throughout the tape. Filament strengthens the tape and provides a secure seal when applied to most packages. It also prevents any stretching and provides a high-tensile commercial packing tape for your needs. Because this tape is reinforced, this tape offers you the most secure and durable packaging solution for your standard boxes. The holding power of the Filament Tape is unequalled and is a favorite for the business that needs a strong and long-lasting packaging tape.

3M Masking Tapes

Hughes Enterprises has a 5-tier system of masking tapes so you can choose the masking tape that best suits your needs. Each tape is designed to cleanly and clearly mask off areas, tightly hold bundles, and clearly label products. Each tape also has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures that when removed, the tape comes off cleanly without removing anything else or leaving anything behind.

Gum Tape

Gum tape is designed to achieve a very different result in your commercial packaging. It’s created to form an effective and durable seal beyond that which a normal pressure-sensitive tape would yield. Each Gum Tape is water activated and works on old, dusty or dirty boxes, forming a bond that actually penetrates the material it’s attached to. Most tapes simple bind to the surface, while a gum tape provides an adhesive that aggressively holds and contains whatever you apply. Each tape strip needs only be applied once so your business can save money without wasting rolls of tape that continues to slip off and unbind. Choose a gum tape for effective hold and secure seal that will last in all circumstances, from cold to wet to hot and dusty.

Serving your Commercial Packaging Needs

Hughes Enterprises offers each tape to suit whatever your packaging needs might be. Since Hughes has been serving businesses for over 60 years, they have the expertise to recommend a commercial packing tape for you. Contact us today to select the right packing tape for you.