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Cosmetic Packaging Expertise at Hughes Enterprises

Cosmetic Packaging Expertise at Hughes Enterprises

Hughes is a cosmetic packaging supplier.As a cosmetic packaging supplier, our experts at Hughes realize that beauty products require an entirely different set of equipment options than standard merchandise. Not only must cosmetics be securely shipped from point A to point B, packaging must be eye-catching, versatile, and high quality to accommodate anything from nail polish bottles to sachet packages. Cosmetics require access to more varieties of equipment and customized packaging options than almost any other type of product.

The Need for Variability in Cosmetic Packaging

Since cosmetics come in so many different forms and containers, the necessary packaging machinery must be more variable than any other type of packaging equipment. The cosmetics industry is constantly changing in a variety of ways. These include product descriptions, inner and outer packaging, as well as labeling. By keeping up with ever-changing fashion trends, Hughes Enterprises strives to create innovative yet efficient packaging solutions for cosmetics.

4 Types of Cosmetic Packaging Equipment

1. Case Erectors. The core product in the Combi line when it comes to assembling boxes, case erectors are designed to build cases in a variety of different sizes. This is excellent for cosmetics. The flexibility of case erectors allows the building of packages designed to fit jars, makeup kits, variously sized bottles of cream, and anything in between. As a cosmetic packaging supplier, Hughes Enterprises understands this need for versatility in packaging.

2. Overflow Pressure Fillers. Inline pressure fillers are specifically designed for filling bottles with lotion or other such products. After placing bottles into position, heads lower into them, and a variable speed pump begins the filling process. Overflow returns to the supply tank, and after bottles are filled, the conveyor starts up, providing a new set of bottles.

3. Powder Fillers. This equipment comes in three main types: cup fillers, auger fillers, and net weight fillers. The type of cosmetic powder will determine which variety of equipment is the most suitable. Since powders can come in loose, packed, or other forms, powder fillers must be extremely versatile. Businesses must consider speed requirements, product compressibility, stickiness, size and shape, and many more factors.

4. Tube Fillers and Sealers. Suitable for a wide range of applications, this type of equipment is excellent for squeeze bottles of creams, lotions, gels, pastes, greases, and even some powders. Such machines feed empty tubes into a rotary indexing table that orients the tube. Afterward, the tube is filled and sealed with heat seal and trim, or folded and crimped (if the tube is metal).

Hughes Enterprises: The Cosmetic Packaging Supplier You Can Count On

By constantly scanning trade journals, news, and many other sources, Hughes Enterprises is confident in our ability to identify excellent emerging technologies. We are able to provide the best packaging opportunities for many industries including cosmetics and beauty suppliers. The list above includes a small sampling of the technologies necessary for the plethora of cosmetics out there. For assistance in choosing the most appropriate product, contact a Hughes representative today.