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Create a Long-Lasting Bond: Adhesives

Create a Long-Lasting Bond: Adhesives

3M adhesives dispensers and applicatorsObligations to produce quality and protective packaging and the need for speed are growing. It is critical to your brand reputation that your product maintains its integrity even after leaving the warehouse. A common myth among manufacturers is that to have a strong, long-lasting bond means that it is necessary to use A LOT of adhesive. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. By using specific patterns engineered to have higher adherence and locating the pattern in certain key spots, the use of adhesive can be decreased, while the strength of the bond increases. In other words, it’s not the amount of hot melt you use, but how you apply it.

Hughes offers a variety of adhesive systems to suit your specific distribution, operational and manufacturing needs. Whether you’re case sealing with a GlueFast water based adhesive applicator or palletizing and unitizing a load with our line of 3M adhesives dispensers and applicators get the job done quickly, economically, and effectively.

Optimize Efficiency and Productivity

Hughes Enterprises’ long time partnership with 3M Company allows us to offer new innovations in bonding. Our 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Cylinder Spray Adhesives are available in several formulations to meet a variety of regulations. With one gun and the appropriate tip, you can apply spray widths of 1-12”. Neatly target defined areas (eliminating waste) or quickly cover large surfaces. Bond fabric, felt, plastic to soft foam, wood or metal store displays. The cylinder spray adhesive is non-flammable, MACT compliant and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals or HAPs. Simplify and save with the convenience and portability of pressurized cylinders.

Simply Squeezable

Gluefast water based adhesive applicators some in portable squeeze bottles or pressure tanks and offer the finest in water based adhesive applicators for case and carton sealing, woodworking and other specialty applications. Gluefast also has a full line of water based adhesives for use in the Multistripe Adhesive Dispensers. For fast setting case sealing and product assembly, it’s hard to beat the fast speed set of a hot melt adhesive.

Save Time and Money

The Graco InvisiPac tank-free hot melt delivery system is so reliable, you’ll forget it’s even there. Keep your packing line running and say good-bye to daily maintenance (no tank char, no char-filled hoses, no tank scraping!). With just a ten-minute start up, you can also save on precious company time, boosting productivity. In addition, with the InvisiPac, you can keep track of material usage and other production events through USB downloadable feedback. See operating data, errors, event history, as well as a single screen view of all heat zone temperatures.

Gain more uptime and increase your company’s ROI today! Hughes’ virtually maintenance-free machines provide added production flexibility. We can help you determine which of our adhesive dispensers would work best in your packaging environment. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative to find out how your operation can benefit.