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Create High-End Retail Packaging with Foam-in-Place Packaging and More

Create High-End Retail Packaging with Foam-in-Place Packaging and More

Does your packaging trigger a luxe response in the mind of your customers? To the consumer, the way a package arrives at their doorstep speaks volumes about the quality they’re going to find inside the box. High end packaging solutions can create a sense of value and provide a positive (and lasting) first impression. At Hughes, we understand the impact that premium packaging can have on a retailer’s image; it’s the attention to detail that can help make your packaging superior and set you apart from the competition.

High End Packaging Creates a Lasting Impression

High End Packaging Solutions for High End Brands

Fast turnaround, dependability, safety of products, as well as a package that looks sharp upon arrival can all influence a customer’s opinion of your company. When products come in a high quality packaging solution—such as foam-in-place packaging or custom corrugated boxes—it can assure the customer that that product was well worth the money. No doubt, first impressions last with customers and customized packaging goes a long way to ensure that your first impression is a very good one.


As an otherwise mundane experience, luxury brands have the opportunity create a memorable visual experience as customers unwrap a box with interactive packaging. By offering a fresh new look with high end packaging, companies are able to establish a stronger brand impression that allows consumers to discover the details with some fun. Some examples of interactive packaging points for the consumer include pop-ups, pull tabs, colorful tape, ribbon closures and box toppers.

Design Communication and Customization

From custom colors to custom corrugated boxes that fit your products perfectly, luxury packaging for luxury brands is a matter of necessity, not excess. Considering the current minimalist design trend, many prestigious brands take the focus away from flaunting logos and instead focus on projecting a look and feel that visually communicates their story through beautiful presentation and quality control.

Innovative Solutions

Reinforce your brand’s reputation for quality by reinforcing its packaging. Using technology such as foam-in-place packaging, luxury brands can demonstrate a commitment to excellence by ensuring each product is nestled in place for safe shipment.

High-end foam-in-place packaging creates a custom cushion around fragile, heavy items. Liquid foam is poured into a bag or liner, where it quickly expands up to 200 times its size to nestle irregularly shaped items in place. Don’t be fooled by the name though—foam-in-place packaging is lightweight, water resistant, and non-abrasive.

And solutions with high visual impact, like suspension and retention packaging, showcase your product while delivering a premium unboxing experience. 

Superior Care

High end retail packaging acknowledges the value of your customer’s purchase and safeguards it during its journey to their door. The best high-end appliance packages, for instance, protect the product from every angle, so what rolls off a production line is exactly what the customer unwraps. High end appliance packages and other high end packaging respect the customer’s purchase and carefully deliver on value.

Quality Control

No matter how well your brand communicates luxury online and on screen, it’s the tangible mass produced product packaging that has to deliver the luxury goods. Every stage of the shipping and packaging production line including specifics like how climate can impact print materials, how the box is sealed, down to the final user interaction at their front door. A critical understanding and application of quality control is what can make or break the sense of luxury as presented by the packaging.

Custom High End Retail Packaging with Hughes

Choosing the right high end packaging solutions for your products is vital to your branding. At Hughes, we have over 70 years of experience in packaging solutions, including those specific for luxury brands and cosmetics industry. We understand that in any fast-paced, trend-based industry, packaging needs are constantly changing and standard boxes do not always make the cut.

For more information on our shipping and packaging solutions for luxury brand customers, see our case study on our solution for Chanel or contact your Hughes Sales Representative.