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Custom Packaging Solutions Go Beyond the Brown Box

Custom Packaging Solutions Go Beyond the Brown Box

Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Most companies focus on impressing customers with what’s inside the box: their product. After all the research, development and marketing that goes into developing most products, the last thing most companies think about is the box that it’s shipped out in. But product packaging goes beyond cardboard and tape. Hughes offers custom packaging solutions that can be an opportunity to increase brand awareness and stand out from the competition.

Customized packaging allows you to wow your customers even before the box is even opened. Your box is your first physical touch-point with your customer and a perfect way to make an outstanding first impression. Since safety and design are top concerns, packaging can actually be a huge part of what makes (or breaks) a brand. Make sure you choose the right box for your product; here’s why:

1) Win Over New Customers

Studies show that only 26% of customers are even open to the idea of buying from a brand they don’t know. That means that unless your business is 100% repeat business, you need something that will turn those new customers from skeptics to believers. If someone takes a chance on your company, a custom packaging on their doorstep will positively impact your brand perception. This translates directly to money in your pocket. The cost of acquiring a new customer is normally at least 5 times the amount of reselling to an existing customer. So, when your custom packaging arrives on their doorstep, you’ll have converted a hesitant customer into a repeat client, thus saving you expensive marketing costs in the long run.

2) Positive Perceptions

When a customized package shows up on your doorstep, you automatically assign a higher value to the product inside. In hard facts, people have responded by saying that their opinion of a brand increases 61% of the time when presented with a custom packaging. The brands are perceived as upscale or luxury items and therefore more desirable. Customization sets you apart.

3) Create More Referrals

When customers received their product in a custom package, they are up to much more likely to recommend your product to others. People are inclined to tell other people simply about the package their item came in and increase the demand for your brand as well. Consumers often develop an emotional attachment to specific brands. Utilize every opportunity you can to address this bond and ensure returning and referring customers.

Custom Packaging Solutions with Hughes

In addition to boosting brand awareness, customized packaging solutions allow you to keep your products safe in transport, utilize eco-friendly packaging, and decrease costs by using the correct sized box.

Your brand, your product, and your business are all important to you. Put thought and effort not just into what’s going in the box, but also to the box itself. Talk to Hughes Enterprises about creating a custom packaging solution that will win over a new client, change the way people think about you and even put some more money back into your pocket.