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How Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Can Boost Your Brand

How Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Can Boost Your Brand

Each and every day, millions of brown boxes full of innumerable products are being shipped worldwide. In a market that big, businesses often wonder what can make them stand out and be different from the rest. A custom printed shipping box stands out from among the other plain brown boxes. Customization sets you apart from your competition by quickly displaying who you are and what is inside the box before your customer even opens it up. It also allows you to select something that will be recognizable and memorable. In other words, you’re creating instant brand awareness; something most companies spend thousands of dollars and months of time to achieve. Your custom printed shipping box starts enhancing your customer relations even before your product is brought through the front door.

Stand Out From The Crowd

In a world full of brown boxes, creating a custom printed shipping box gives you a leg up before the box is even opened. Just as Amazon has created that anticipation upon seeing the iconic smile on the box, a custom printed box allows you to be instantly known and anticipated. Hughes Enterprises has been providing packaging solutions for over 60 years. Contact Hughes Enterprises to find out how you can swim against the stream and choose a box that causes you to be recognized and remembered.

Inform Your Customers

Each custom printed box that leaves your store is a miniature billboard going directly to your customer. Just as you wouldn’t waste your marketing dollars on buying a billboard and leaving it blank, why should you miss the chance to inform your customers about who you are and what your brand represents? No matter your industry, your box can be created to include information about the product, a promotion of your other brands to cross-sell to your existing customers or even provide some technical information. Packing for automobile parts, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals… you can use your 6-sided billboard to provide a wealth of information and send it directly to your customer’s door.

Build Brand Loyalty with Your Customers

Your custom printed shipping box can increase the loyalty your customers have for you by getting excited to receive and share about your packaged products. Custom printing is inexpensive, easy to produce, and invaluable as a marketing tool. For example, Loot Crate, a popular monthly box delivery subscription for gamers, has tapped into the fact that their boxes are highly anticipated each month. Loot Crate designed their packaging to include instruction for creating your very own “Unboxing” video to upload to YouTube. The customers who already loved their products became devoted and loyal to the brand and are spreading the word about Loot Crate for them.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Hughes Enterprises aims to create a packaging solution that works with what you want to ship. No matter what you’re shipping, Hughes can create a custom printed shipping box that will work for you. Your customers have already bought from you, so by going that extra step and shipping out in a custom printed box, you’re increasing the profits and perception of your brand in an easy, effortless way. Contact Hughes Enterprises today to find out more about custom packaging solutions and to learn how your company can take advantage of this powerful tool.