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Cut Your Packaging Down To Size

Cut Your Packaging Down To Size

We’re just a few weeks away from a pretty big change for FedEx and UPS and it may impact your shipping costs significantly if you aren’t careful. Both companies will begin using dimensional pricing on all domestic ground orders by January 1, 2015.

For the average person on the street, this change may not be huge news. But for companies that are shipping countless products to customers and clients on the regular, this shift to “dimensional pricing” is a major change with the potential to significantly affect bottom lines. Businesses that consider shipping to be a part of their lifelines will have to make some changes. Hughes Enterprises can help your company size up and evaluate your packaging solutions by supplying the right mix of strength, size and design. We provide you the solution.

We Provide the (Custom) Solution

Hughes offers a specific solution to combat dimensional weight pricing by creating efficient customized packaging – adjusting for elements such as dimensions and weight—and we create corrugated boxes custom sized to fit your product. The standard style of cardboard boxes which businesses typically encounter are known as regular slotted container (RSC) boxes. But corrugated boxes are not limited to the standard sizes; our customized designs are created to accommodate the right dimensions for your product. And by using the latest in computer software packaging design, we are easily able to calculate the strength of the corrugation. Customized packaging is really one of the best options available to you with the upcoming FedEx and UPS dimensional pricing changes. For companies who rely on large quantities of product to be shipped, this dimensional weight pricing can add up if you don’t prepare.

We specialize in custom packaging types including telescoping boxes, automatic erected boxes, retail-ready packaging, corrugated wraps, two-piece boxes, jumbo boxes, and folding cartons.

With our customized packaging solutions, you can ensure that the minimum amount of space is taken up by your shipment (while keeping it properly protected and safe to transport) which will translate into big savings in the long run. This can be the key to cutting your package down to size to cut down on costs! Work with Hughes to re-evaluate your current packaging to minimize the effects of the FedEx upcoming change on January 1, 2015. Order your own custom corrugated boxes from Hughes. For help choosing the best corrugated cardboard boxes and custom packaging for your needs contact a Hughes Sales Representative today.