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Stay Ahead of Omni-Channel Demands: Implement Ship-from-Store

Stay Ahead of Omni-Channel Demands: Implement Ship-from-Store

Ship-From-StoreMerchants looking to stay ahead of omni-channel demands have started to operationalize ship-from-store solutions. Whether they’re trying to increase fulfillment speeds, cater to the boost in online shopping demands or make use of excess inventory, ship-from-store has become a mainstay for many small businesses.

With the right operations in place, you can increase fulfillment efficiencies, decrease setup investment and boost brand value. Let’s look how you can meet omni-channel demands in this fast-paced, ultra-competitive, consumer-driven world.

What is Ship-From-Store?

Ship-from-store is a fulfilment process used by retailers who use stock from their physical, brick-and-mortar store to fulfil e-commerce orders making the store a virtual distribution hub. Products are taken from the shelves, packaged by employees and shipped to customers.

This omni-channel process benefits retailers in several ways.

3 Benefits of Ship-From-Store

1. Use Inventory Efficiently

Boost revenue and prevent unprofitable stockholding by using your store as a backup fulfilment center. With ship-from-store, retailers can maximize full-price selling by using the store inventory to fulfill online orders rather than having to discount end-of-season stock.

2. Enhance Customer Service

Deliver high levels of customer service by exceeding shopper expectations for fast deliveries and lower costs. When your customers are looking for their product, you’ll be able to supply what they need, when they need it.

3. Gain Competitive Traction

For small businesses who are competing with online giants, such as Amazon, being able to ship from store can open new doors without having to add a new distribution center. As a competitive differentiator, fast order processing drives bigger bottom-line benefits. It’s a retailer’s secret weapon (if executed correctly).

Ship-From-Store Packaging and Shipping Considerations

Wondering if it’s time to add ship-from-store to your omni-channel fulfillment strategy?

Brands today are delivering more than just a product, they’re delivering an experience. Therefore, it’s important to consider what kind of packaging and shipping materials you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition. Depending on the type and size of product you’re shipping, you’ll be able to itemize your material needs from custom corrugated boxes and mailers to protective packaging and tape.

Since the customer’s unboxing experience strongly correlates to the overall brand experience, small details go a long way in making an extraordinary impression. Done right and your ship-from-store operation can boost revenue, build brand awareness, increase repeat e-commerce shopping and prevent unused inventory. Consider how you can provide a stronger customer experience through packaging safety, professional presentation and sustainable choices.

At Hughes, we stock all the supplies you need to outfit your back-room space with efficient packaging solutions and start delivering store to door. Not sure where to begin? Contact our representatives to learn more about efficient packaging options for your ship-from-store operation today.