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How will Drone Delivery Impact my Operations?

How will Drone Delivery Impact my Operations?

Drone DeliveryIt may sound like science fiction…but UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) will be delivering packages within the next few years. From Google’s Project Wing to Amazon’s Prime Air, drone delivery is impacting the shipping industry in some significant ways. Here’s what it means to small businesses.

Drone Delivery is Really Happening

Over the past year, people have registered over 670,000 drones with the federal government, according to the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). There are now more drones registered with the FAA than commercial and private planes combined (320,000). Even with such a large number, many questions still remain unaddressed.

On December 7, 2016, Amazon Prime Air made its first delivery (an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn) to a customer using a GPS-guided flying drone. As a result, the customer received his order in just 13 minutes. Other global corporations are developing their own drone delivery programs such as Google, Walmart and DHL. At the present time, they’re being tested for delivering other consumer goods including medical supplies and pizza.

Yes. Pizza.

Drone specialist, Flirtey partnered with Domino’s Pizza to pioneer the first commercial pizza-by-drone delivery service. The drones consist of carbon fiber, aluminum, and 3D-printed components and special packaging of the pizza box preserves the temperature and taste of the freshly cooked pizza during delivery.

Drone delivery is coming….and it’s about to revolutionize the shipping and packaging industry.

Drone Delivery Allure

The biggest allure with drone delivery is fast delivery. According to a retail study by Walker Sands Future of Retail, 79% of US consumers said they would be “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to request delivery by drone if their package could be delivered within an hour. And 73% of respondents said that they would even pay up to $10 for a speedy drone delivery.

Talk about instant gratification for online purchases.

Companies who offer fast deliveries via drone may get a vital edge on competitors. If drone delivery isn’t part of your delivery goals yet, to stay competitive against these big names it’s critical to put a larger emphasis on warehouse efficiencies.

Discover packaging equipment for the modern warehouse to stay competitive and prepared for anything, including drone delivery services.

Prepared for Anything, Including Drone Delivery

Drone delivery is coming; it may take some time to become mainstream delivery vehicles, but it’s not too far off. Whether on the ground or sky, your package needs to withstand environmental conditions for a safe delivery. At Hughes, we offer custom packages to protect your goods from the elements such as rain, cold and heat.

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