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Dunnage Bags Altitude Impact on Air Pressure

Dunnage Bags Altitude Impact on Air Pressure

Dunnage bags are an important tool that many distribution centers utilize for their shipping and packaging operation. Air bag inflation systems help to keep products from becoming damaged during transit. During long trips, crates and pallets of cargo can move around resulting in damaged goods. Dunnage bags can help fill space, providing a more precise and protected ride for all contents. In addition, these bags are very light and do not have a substantial impact on the weight of a given shipment. While an inflation system can prove to be a valuable asset for any shipping company, questions surrounding air pressure and impacts of dunnage bag altitude is commonly asked.

Benefits of Dunnage Bags Helpful to Shipping Companies?

Dunnage bags are a great asset for any company that ships products out on a regular basis. It can be difficult to arrange the contents of a shipment in such a way that items cannot move and become damaged during transport. Dunnage bags are a lightweight and versatile option that can be placed between cargo units to stop them from moving around. These items are handy based on the fact that they do not cause a shipment to increase in weight by any significant degree, and they do not harm the items they are placed up against.
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How Does Altitude Impact Dunnage Bags?

Packaging and shipment items can be a complicated task, but items like dunnage bags can make it much easier. Still, many are concerned with how these bags will hold up throughout a given trip. The air pressure the bags utilize in order to serve their function is affected greatly by elevation. Trips through areas that are higher up can cause bags to expand and become larger than normal. Understanding how to plan for trips and how to service dunnage bag accordingly can help shipments remain in good condition regardless of the route a delivery must go through.

Dunnage Bags and Altitude – How to Prepare

Altitude can have a significant impact on how dunnage bags hold up through the duration of a trip. Since certain routes have higher elevation than others, planning out the route ahead of time and altering the way dunnage bags are used can prove helpful. By using slightly lesser amounts of air than normal, shipping companies can ensure dunnage bags serve their intended purposes while also ensuring that they do not burst or become damaged.

Additional Factors That Can Affect Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags are affected by many factors, not just altitude. Weather can also affect how bags hold up during a trip. While cold weather will cause bags to constrict, warm weather can cause them to expand. The experts at Hughes offers forward-thinking advice to help any business ensure they get the best performance from their dunnage bags.

Air Bag Inflation System From Hughes

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