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How Investing in Eco-Friendly Packaging Builds Customer Loyalty

How Investing in Eco-Friendly Packaging Builds Customer Loyalty

Eco-friendly packaging is the bond to loyalty you have been looking for!When it comes time to wrap a present either for Christmas or a birthday, you’ll probably reach for the drawer with all the leftover gift bags and wrapping paper saved throughout the years. It’s a shame to throw out all those bags you’ve received yourself and it’s a great way to reuse a perfectly good gift bag.

Sustainable Brands

That same principle applies when people make their decisions about whether to purchase from one business or another. People are now becoming more conscious of their purchasing power and how it affects the environment. Studies have shown that 31% of people are willing to pay a little extra on their bill if their item is eco-friendly or sustainable. Studies also show that people place a higher perception on a brand that promotes eco-friendly packaging and sustainable commercial packaging solutions.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In the marketing world, this is a competitive edge that you can take advantage of. By selecting an eco-friendly packaging, you’re advertising that your brand is actively taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment. This message is becoming something that consumers are searching for. Consumers are now asking not just about the products their purchasing, but the impact their purchases have. Businesses that are already providing an eco-friendly and environmentally safe packaging are way ahead of trend that is building.

In past years, to offer a packaging solution that was recycled or sustainable was simply perceived as a “nice gesture.” This is no longer the case. Up to 56% of consumers now are actively demanding and searching out for businesses that offer a packaging solution that is eco-friendly and low-impact. As businesses become more aware of this demand, in the future, it will become the norm to have an eco-friendly packaging on the same products that you’ve always been shipping out. To preserve the customer base you already have, make a switch to a green option for packaging.

Cost Savings

Those numbers are not minimal. That equates to millions of consumers that are now directly asking their brands to change the way they ship out their products. Take Unilever as an example: This Fortune 500 Company reduced their packaging materials by huge strides. By making simple changes to a single salad dressing package, they were able to save over 2,100 tons of cardboard packaging each year. No wonder they’ve been named Wal-Mart’s Sustainable Supplier of the Year

It’s not just about appearance to your customers; it’s also a great cost saving method. By choosing an eco-friendly packaging, you’re using less material to ship out the same products. This directly equates to savings in your bottom line.

Commercial Packaging Solutions- Green Consulting Services

Your choice to switch to an eco-friendly solution will maintain the clients you already have, help attract new customers, and save you money in transport and shipping. Not to mention, you’ll be playing your part alongside businesses across the country in protecting the environment. Hughes Enterprises offers green consulting services and has a range of eco-friendly commercial packaging to choose from. Contact us to find out how we can create a custom packaging solution that will work for you.