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Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging
Shipping is vital to any business to meet the demands of their online marketplace customers and the importance of e-commerce presence. It is becoming more and more important to choose environmentally-friendly shipping practices to help green a business’s image and also keep costs down. Shippers simply have to be aware and make conscious ecological and economic choices.

By moving beyond conventional packaging methods and materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprints as well as their transportation spend and warehousing costs. To help, Hughes has put together a few relatively simple ways you can help keep our Earth green (and keep a little more green in your shipping budget, too).

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Biodegradable, Natural, Green…
Every April we celebrate Earth Month by making eco-conscious decisions about the way we lead our lives at home and in business. It is a great opportunity to show the earth some love by establishing new habits by making some simple changes every day. Find out how you can boost energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental awareness within your business in our recent post, “Go Green for Earth Month with Eco-Friendly Packaging.”
Our eco friendly packaging solutions and environmentally-friendly products offer you more ways to make your work environment Green. The product line includes PELASPAN™ BIO, PaperNuts® , Re-FormTM Sorbent Materials, Green cleaning supplies, bio products and more. With the recent ban on Styrofoam, more businesses have already shifted to alternative products that are biodegradable or otherwise recyclable. Read more about it in our recent post, “Green Packaging: So Long Styrofoam (And Styrofoam Peanuts!).”

Size Does Matter
Reducing the size and volume of packaging not only uses fewer materials, it also takes up less space on a plane, boat or truck…improving our overall carbon footprint. Selecting the most appropriate (compact) shipping box for a company’s product can also help a company’s bottom line and reduce shipping rates. Choosing the smallest box possible (that will still ensure adequate protection of the product) is essential. Using stronger corrugated boxes as well as effective protective packaging products are important considerations.

And with the new DIM shipping rate change that took effect at the beginning of this year, retailers need to have the proper sized boxes for every product. Find out more about the new DIM weight changes and how it can affect your company in our recent blog, “Don’t Be A DIM Weight.”

Work With A Green Company
Show your customers that you care about Mother Earth by choosing to work with a green company such as Hughes and by using environmentally friendly products. Each one of us can reduce our carbon footprint by taking one step in the right direction; making the world a greener place to live for generations to come! Our stock of eco-friendly packaging supplies includes all of the materials you will need to operate the equipment we sell. If you are unsure about what materials are needed to optimize your eco-friendly packaging operation, please contact your Hughes Sales Representative. Order and buy green and eco-friendly packaging supplies from Hughes today.