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Eco-Friendly Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Eco-Friendly Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

Find the right eco-friendly pharmaceutical packaging design.Packaging is key to complete the process of a sale, keep products safe and make a good first impression for any company. Just like in other industries, the pharmaceuticals distribution center process should be streamlined, providing a quick packaging process, protection, identification, safety, quality and display of goods, prevention of product tampering, as well as providing patient comfort.  At the same time, the pharmaceutical packaging design also needs to comply with child resistant packaging requirements as well as the changing FDA and EPA regulations.

Eco-Friendly Pharma Packaging Solutions

Most companies today are looking for ways to run a leaner, more efficient packaging operation. Good designs reduce costs and improve durability; rising energy and paper costs make eco-friendly packaging more appealing to the pharmaceutical industry because of its cost efficiency. Plus, switching to reusable and recyclable packaging (without compromising safety or accessibility) is an important contribution to the health of our environment.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can save money and offer better protection for products just by choosing the right pharmaceutical packaging design solutions. Whatever your shipping and packaging needs are, Hughes has the flexibility and tools to handle them in the most cost-effective and patient-compliant methods while ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Enviro-Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Our stock of eco-friendly packaging supplies includes all of the materials needed to operate the equipment we sell. Why choose Hughes and Enviro-Solutions?

• Product line is safer for people and the environment
• Full line of over 70 products
• Product line includes Green floor care, carpet care, odor control, hand soap, hand cleaner, bio products and more
• Most certified by various leading certification bodies
• Proven to work
• Priced competitively

Reliable Shipping and Packaging

We understand the importance of shipping products safely to their destination and we’re honored to be a part of it. With extensive experience in the pharma packaging industry, the professionals at Hughes Enterprises can help companies maintain strict compliance with regulatory standards while at the same time providing reliable shipping and packaging options. Our team of packaging experts can help to guide you in developing solutions that address industry-specific challenges such as temperature control environments, product identification, product safety and stability, package reliability, safety in transport and much more.

Hughes Enterprises offers you a wide variety of packaging material solutions and shipping equipment to fill any and all of your shipping and packaging needs and adhere to good manufacturing practice guidelines. If you are unsure about what materials are needed to optimize your packaging operation, please contact a Hughes Sales Representative.