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Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies: Better For Business, Better for Health

Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies: Better For Business, Better for Health

Eco-friendly shipping suppliesThese days, in order to impress your customers and to stand out from the rest of your competition, your company has to do something different. You could develop a costly new marketing strategy or spend months reworking an existing product to put out an upgrade. But you should be listening to the increasing voices of consumers asking that their companies go green. This means implementing sustainable business practices and using eco-friendly shipping supplies.

This is more than simply catering to the crowd: this is about the health and safety of not only your clientele but also the environment. The potential adverse health effects of plastic and other non-eco friendly materials should be concerning to you, but just as a business owner, but as an individual.

Why Switch To Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies?

Consumer Demand

Your consumers are asking for products that reduce their impact on the environment and are willing to assign higher values to products that are eco-friendly. Studies have shown that consumers are willing to spend up to 25% more for the same product if it could be shown to actively reduce their impact on the environment. Almost 2/3 of all customers have acknowledged that they “actively” search to see if their purchases are from eco-friendly brands.

Chemicals in Materials

The FDA has stated that over 3000 “indirect” additives can be found in all products as a direct result of the packaging used. One such additive, bisphenol A (BPA), is a harmful chemical found most often in plastics. It has side effects that range from brain and prostate inhibition, reproduction and hormone impacts and many other related diseases such as breast cancer or heart disease.

Other packaging includes chemicals that affect testosterone and lead to male reproductive issues and thyroid dysfunction. The full effects are still incompletely known. Even recycled newspaper has been found to leach harmful chemicals from the ink into the food stored in the packaging, even through thick plastic packaging.

Your Eco-Friendly options

Hughes Enterprises has a whole range of supplies devoted to eco-friendly shipping solutions. Our packaging not only satisfies the request of your consumer to be green and environment friendly, it also prevents them suffering any damage from harmful chemicals in their packaging. Here are some of the impacts of an eco-friendly packaging and shipping option:

  • Use of soy ink.
  • Improved barrier materials.
  • Renewable resources being used such as bamboo.
  • Recycling of polyethylene.
  • Biodegradable products used such as corn starch and grain sorghum.
  • Packaging designed to biodegrade in 9 month’s time.

Buy Green and Eco Friendly Packaging Supplies from Hughes

Hughes Enterprises has been creating packaging solutions for over 60 years. Our years of expertise and quality, on-time deliverables make them the first and best choice for all your packaging and distribution needs. We endeavor to understand your needs and cater a packaging solution custom-made for you. Contact us today for an innovative and eco-friendly shipping solution on all your supplies.