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Buy Now: How E-Commerce Is Affecting Your Warehouse Shipping Operations

Buy Now: How E-Commerce Is Affecting Your Warehouse Shipping Operations

How Ecommerce Is Affecting Your Warehouse Shipping OperationsVarious “buy now buttons” on Google and social media sites as well as Amazon Prime’s same-day shipping are both shaping the way consumers are buying online. Your customers’ standards have changed; they have become more savvy and specific with how they want their orders to be processed and delivered. And as technology continues to grow and impact the way consumers make purchases, the logistics of warehouse shipping operations are forced to adapt.

The Amazon Effect

Shipping in the United States is seeing record highs, and many industry experts attribute this to the so-called “Amazon effect.” Traditional brick and mortar retailers have long grappled with how to best adapt the online shipping giant, but it’s also affecting other e-commerce distribution centers operations as well.

Amazon has had tremendous influence in e-commerce; they have dramatically changed the way people buy online, setting high expectations on prices and quick delivery. The result? Your customers expect reliable and accurate delivery of goods ordered online faster than ever.

Amazon’s high-tech robots have automated and transformed their giant fulfillment centers to accommodate same day delivery forcing businesses to respond with more integrated shipping and packaging line solutions. A company’s ability to deal with disbursing items in a timely manner (and have them arrive safely) will set themselves apart from the competition. Packaging efficiency solutions and a savvy shipping strategy will give them the edge they need to stay ahead.

Do You Have a Savvy Shipping Strategy?

E-Commerce shows no signs of slowing down. The “Amazon effect” has already changed warehouse shipping operations, logistics and brick-and-mortar stores; but by understanding what consumers expect, companies can plan their packing and shipping strategies to provide their customers with what they want. For any e-commerce business, a savvy shipping strategy is essential.

A few examples include:

  • Improve packaging line productivity with easy-to-use robotics, solutions for applications that reduce costs and are highly reliable.
  • Instead of using a box that’s too big for a product, use a customized corrugated box to save on supplies and DIM shipping weight costs.
  • Switch over to a label dispenser to save precious time. Labeling equipment is one of the most cost-effective solutions by providing businesses with a means of creating professional labels for a large number of products quickly.

Multiply that by hundreds of products being packaged and shipped out and the savings can really add up.

Hughes Enterprises: Solutions for Warehouse Shipping Operations

Hughes Enterprises provides economical solutions for warehouse shipping operations- both large and small. With adaptable machines that can be programmed to do a majority of the packing work, this equipment saves both time and money. Call us at 1-267-409-6100 to get more information on what sort of automated packaging equipment is right for your warehouse.