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Efficient Solutions for All Your Shipping and Packaging Supplies

Efficient Solutions for All Your Shipping and Packaging Supplies

Shipping and Packaging Supplies, Shaking Hands
No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what product you’re selling, your business needs efficient solutions for shipping and packaging supplies that not only meet production standards but that also benefit your bottom line. At Hughes, we have everything you need and our packing experts are here to help you with your decisions… all without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Take a moment to consider how much you ship out on an average day, then think about how efficient your purchasing department would be if only you could find a reliable single source supplier; a supplier that can offer a solution to meet any need.

Shipping And Packaging Supplies: On the Production Line

It’s more than just shipping boxes that get your products safely to your customer; you need ways to label your cartons, tape or adhesives to form and close those boxes. Protective packaging to ensure your goods remain intact through handling and shipping processes. Depending on your business needs for unique shipping and packaging supplies, we have a wide variety of types to choose from!
We also offer protection that extends beyond the mechanics of your production line with high-quality OSHA approved personal protective equipment because we understand that the safety of your employees is important to you and your business.

Shipping And Packaging Supplies: At the End of the Line

You may not have considered those workstations that utilize rolls of packing material or need to be able to handle various sizes of corrugated shipping boxes and mailing envelopes as anything other than fixtures. However, we see them as yet another solution to a potential packaging need, so we can recommend the right application for whatever task is required.
For example, do your employees seal the corrugated cartons with tape after doing a final quality check? We have what you need, from tape and tape dispensers to banding equipment and strapping.

From Loading Dock to Your Customer

Consider the added benefit of reduced waste and customer satisfaction when they receive their order intact, as one more level of customer service that improves your bottom line. You don’t need to worry about shifting cartons when moving pallets because we have a stretch wrap and a shrink wrap film to making it easier to combine a customer’s items together for easy delivery. Poly bags and sheeting for top coverage add an extra layer of protection from water and dust maintaining the integrity of the items inside.

Logistics Begins and Ends with the Right Shipping and Packaging Supplies From Hughes

Nearly everything that happens in the course of a normal business day involves getting something from Point A to Point B, whether it’s office or production related, we understand that different businesses need different of shipping and packaging solutions. And at Hughes Enterprises, we strive to find the right solution for all your packaging needs.

Contact Our Hughes Representatives Today

Hughes Enterprises’ reputation for quality, on-time service is unsurpassed. Hughes is dedicated to serving its customers long after the sale of its packaging equipment and machines. We service packaging equipment in the Philadelphia region, New Jersey and Delaware. We can be reached after hours on our emergency services contact number at 215-900-8777.