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Environmentally Friendly Inspiration

Environmentally Friendly Inspiration

Good Clean Fun

The state of our environment has become a major concern worldwide. Now, many businesses are looking to see what they can do to ensure a safe tomorrow for the next generations. But making choosing to be eco-friendly and become a sustainable organization can take a lot of energy. It’s important to stay inspired so you remember why you’re making the choice to “go green” in the first place. Sustainability is the basis for healthy living – it is how the Earth’s biological systems remain diverse and productive, and every single one of our daily choices can make an impact. Below we’ve included a few tips inspired from Mother Nature Network to remind us that you can indeed strive for sustainability with a little inspiration:

1. Get into nature

Sometimes we can forget exactly what we are fighting for. Head to the woods or your local beach and dig your feet in the sand (even if it’s cold), watch the waves and the birds, or get your heart rate up on a forest path hike.

2. Go for a run, swim or yoga class

Get yourself out of your head and into your body instead. All those endorphins and feel-good chemicals inherent to working out are bound to give you a boost and spark some green inspiration!

3. Read up on inspiring leaders

Anyone who has ever worked to make a difference has experienced disappointments and setbacks. Many of our most revered leaders faced jail time, expulsion, torture and worse on their road to making change. Check out the writings or biographies of Rachel Carson, Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai, Henry David Thoreau, Dian Fossey or Al Gore. Just reading their Wikipedia pages can be inspiring!

It’s Easy to Go Green

Now that you’re inspired, it’s good to know that change doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. We realize that companies want products that clean and sanitize the dirtiest of surfaces and be eco-friendly at the same time. Removing stubborn dirt and grime from surfaces might sound like a job for abrasive and toxic chemicals, but doesn’t have to be that way. Hughes supplies a full line of Enviro-Solutions cleaners and E-Clean products that are strong enough to disinfect and green enough to be kind to the environment at the same time.

Green Doesn’t Stop There

Cleaning counters, surfaces and floors with environmentally friendly products can be one step to help save our environment, but green building maintenance does not have to stop there. Eco friendly glass cleaner, floor strippers and carpet cleaners are also a way to get superior performance while maintaining balance with nature.

In addition, use paper products like hand towels, toilet paper and facial tissue that are constructed from recycled fibers and are biodegradable for another big way to go green.

Make a Change with Hughes

Get inspired to make a green change within your company – every single choice can make a difference on our environment. For help with ordering environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, contact a Hughes Sales Representative for assistance today.